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Your Authorization and Parking Have Never Been Simpler


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Ridgewood  NJ, Authorizing access to your parking spaces or into your entire complex has traditionally been a complicated matter. Further, making sure that everyone who is granted access has a place to park and can move around efficiently has commonly carried some snags. The good news about that is the process has become far simpler, thanks to new technologies offered by Nortech.

Letting in the Right People

One of the major reasons for security in the first place is that some people need to be allowed in, while others are kept out. This has conventionally been done in a slow, methodical manner that requires a larger payroll and leaves multiple areas for “slick talkers” to talk their way in around rules.

Technology brings the advantage of not having gray areas. Either an individual is allowed in, or they are not. This allowance is strict, thorough, and documented each time. This precludes letting in potentially disruptive, dangerous, and subversive individuals, as well as keeping tabs on who is let in and why.

Know Who the Right People Are

Whenever someone is allowed into your complex or building, they need to be monitored to an extent. Hotels have always known that a sign in page is crucial to determine who stayed there and when. But then, many other kinds of businesses have been less organized about chronicling people. Without knowing who is coming in and when, there is a large amount of opportunity for both destruction and legal liability.

By knowing who is around at any given time, liability can more easily be avoided. This is because claims can more effectively be quantified. If a given person was known to be in a certain building at a certain time, there is less room for accusation and more room to determine what liability is actual negligence versus what is simply an unfortunate chance.

Organizing People and Letting Them Operate

Organizing when and where people are starts from the moment they enter your property in their vehicles. Often, parking lots are some of the most dangerous places because driving has so many unknowns. Injuries and property damage can happen even at parking lot speeds, particularly when drivers need to divert their attention to finding a space. With technology that is available through Nortech, you can avoid this problem by allowing drivers to tell at a glance when an area is full, versus when it is nearing capacity, versus when it is relatively empty.

There is also an element of planning implicitly here. This kind of technology may even be extended to a pre-trip analysis, such as in the case of results-oriented work environments that are not dependent on the time of the day. When a worker who can work at any time can identify times where traffic and parking are at less of a premium, more can be accomplished by allowing off-peak usage and travel.

Keeping Costs Tight

Cost-benefit analysis is a major part of everything from material acquisition through payroll and benefits. A lot of the latter can be avoided passively, simply through the use of technology that will selectively allow or inhibit access. Through having less security personnel, access restriction can be equal, but at a far lower overall cost.

3 thoughts on “Your Authorization and Parking Have Never Been Simpler

  1. Is this a joke?

  2. How about repaving cottage Street lot. Waulnut parking lot, and park & ride lot. Those locks the complete reconstruction, I haven’t been touched in 30 years

  3. one of the village workers when asked this morning Friday November 2 nd about
    towns intention to place new pavement into the grand canyons potholes there. they said they heard something new might be up as far as implementing some new physical systems there at cottage to improve ? maximize more spots..smelled like a racking
    system or layout change..what else could it be…very curious that a village employee there said that there were some ideas being thrown about ,,even after the kiosks were implemented and the meters were de-capo-ed..

    ps route 17 lots are a complete disgrace ..even looking at them from the route 17 off ramps view,,winters a coming

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