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Historic Preservation Commission Meeting : Yet another example of the misinformation regarding the presentation of the Hudson Street Parking garage For Ridgewood

hudson parking garage ridgewood

photo by Saurabh Dani

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Last night I videotaped the Historic Preservation Commission meeting and the full recording of everything I shot can be viewed here:

My camera angle had an obstructed point of view of the drawings presented, but they can be viewed here:…/423-hudson-street-parking-deck

Last night was unfortunately yet another example of how our local government is conducting business. The misinformation regarding the presentation of this parking garage is in glaring view.

For such a massive project that is going to cost us millions of dollars, why can’t we get a proper view of how this proposed garage is really going to look? Why isn’t there a 3D rendering, both virtual as well as a physical model built of the garage as well as the other buildings, so that we can truly understand what is being proposed? Why is the proposed garage still not residing inside of the municipal lot footprint? Why does the “Plan D” proposal that the Village Council voted in favor of on January 27th now have only one lane of vehicular travel, when for that vote there were two driving lanes?

Lastly, the treatment of Councilwoman Knudsen by other members of our government as well as the architectural firm was beyond reproach. Her concerns were dismissed by Commissioner Parillo – as was her vote. This is not how we treat a Councilwoman or anyone for that matter.

Once again, we as residents are faced with difficult choices. Many of us want a garage, but this is not how to do it.

On March 23rd, the Village Council will be voting on this proposed garage as well as the high density housing issue. I strongly encourage you to mark your calendars for that evening and to share your concerns with our Village Council and members of the Historic Preservation Commission in the meantime.

There is so much that can be done with improving our wonderful village, but let’s do it right and with care.

Thanks for listening.

Dana Glazer

16 thoughts on “Historic Preservation Commission Meeting : Yet another example of the misinformation regarding the presentation of the Hudson Street Parking garage For Ridgewood

  1. Beyond the Pale?

  2. We have been sharing our concerns for almost two years. They don’t care.

  3. More like pails of favors and misgovernance from the Pale ones who are on their way out and are backing up the truck to execute favors owed and promises made.Time is short..we have to stop the Damage and spending parade now.Come into the light citizens ..these are good neighbors without agendas asking you to take a look and get involved.Tearing down that slum maker and environmental disaster in 20 years with be more expensive than replaning 1 or 2 one story decks on cottage place or at the
    Town Garage zone after the clean up..that’s progress..notice the rush now from the outgoing regime,

  4. I was going to skim it but I wound up watching the whole video.

    Ken Schier was helpful but his assistant was downright rude.

    The head of the committee seemed burned out. Tired and impatient. He was also short with questioners and Councilwoman Knudson. Maybe it is time to move on to another volunteer position.

    The mayor and Roberta huddled together for support. Saw Roberta use her finger to dislodge something from her teeth. Gross.

  5. Saw Aronsohn dozing off, a real attractive sight. And what about when Aronsohn referred to Susan Knudsen awas “this woman.” Good god, he is the WORST.

  6. Usually Roberta has a finger digging in her ear. She is a nervous picker, for sure.

  7. More like the Historic Destruction Committee. Horrible. Thank you for the video.

  8. Aronsohn totally falling asleep.

  9. Everyone sees the distortion of the village green building..? It’s made to look so large. Probably to deceive people in yo believing the garage is smaller.

  10. Those garage architects already worked hard. They are tired of the project already. Whenever a salesperson tries hard to sell you something especially if they have designed it themselves, the decent , civil thing to do is to buy it.

    Especially if you proposed the project , or have shown interest in seeing a product.

    Purchasing , consuming is what makes this country great.

    I questioned the safety of teflon products years ago when negative scientific reviews came out. I didn’t want to buy teflon products, or have them produced because of water safety issues many years ago. I was in effect beaten up for my opinions. Now I am being beaten up for questioning the sincerity of candidates who are jumping on the chemicals in the water issue because it is suddenly again in the newspapers and the town is going to be turned into a city on March 23 and there is no other issue to run on. Poor me.

  11. Dreaming of his next Gig

  12. Dana, you don’t mean their behavior was beyond reproach. That means it was admirable. You mean it was reprehensible–the opposite.

  13. That was Ken S’s boss btw who wanted very badly to change the topic. Watch as Jim S whispers in Perillos ear to change the subject.

  14. Get an injunction against these 3 tyros….

  15. “Aronsohn totally falling asleep.” No he wasn’t 9:14. He was praying that this would all go away or maybe he was meditating or maybe he was dreaming of his new position in the Clinton Administration.

  16. Nope, he was actually dozing, and it was not a pretty sight.

    Thank you for this clear photo. I know they tried to completely discredit the red lines, but we can clearly see that they have totally distorted this in order to make the garage look shorter than it will be. The three of them and Roberta ought to be taken out in handcuffs. God, that would be sweet.

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