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Steve Forbes and Steve Lonegan Team up , to Mend the Fed and Restore a Classical Gold Standard


Steve Forbes and Steve Lonegan Team up , to Mend the Fed and Restore a Classical Gold Standard

September 3,2014
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

New York, NY , Steve Forbes and Steven Lonegan have joined forces and embarked on a mission to defend the liberty of the individual, which can only be protected when the wages, quality of life and savings earned through the fruits of one’s labor are preserved by the maintenance of sound currency.

According to the group ,there is no greater expression of private property than the preservation of value that is maintained in our currency. Our money is the measure of the value of our earnings and savings, our property. When someone’s property is taken without their consent, this amounts to an attack on this most fundamental right. Today’s monetary policy takes control of our money and hands it to unelected bureaucrats. Our mission is to return control of our money to the people, fix the dollar and restore sound money.


Yesterday ushered in the launch of the Fix the Dollar campaign  down on Wall Street ,in a old Bank Vault turned bar on Trinity Place .

According to the two Steve’s the Golden Age of Equitable prosperity in America ended with the closing of the gold window by President Nixon in 1971 . The closing of the “gold window ” was the de-faco death of the American Dream .

The Bank of England calculates, If America had stayed with the gold standard your real income would be 50% higher. That would solve a lot of problems. Moreover, there are solid reasons to believe that America can make up for lost time and create the kind of sizzling economic growth that would raise wages across-the-board, making up in a decade what ground was lost over the last 40 years.


The groups efforts will focus on not ending the Fed. FixTheDollar stands more for mending the Fed.

The Federal Reserve System was invented to work within the classical gold standard. What, then, is to be done? If the Fed follows “the golden rule” — a better version of the Great Moderation that led to the great job growth under Presidents Reagan and Clinton — we can restore the American Dream.

By restoring the classical gold standard, and if possible changing a few laws so as to permit competing currencies, America can create a climate of equitable prosperity that will generate tens of millions of good new jobs, end wage stagnation, restore a climate of opportunity wherein everyone – blue or white collar, of every age, race, and creed – can climb the ladder to affluence, balance the federal budget via economic growth, provide the resources to improve the natural environment and fix our decaying national infrastructure.

3 thoughts on “Steve Forbes and Steve Lonegan Team up , to Mend the Fed and Restore a Classical Gold Standard

  1. It would be tremendous! Nice article.

  2. How much currency competition do the two Steves think their establishment friends are willing to permit? Central banks, with their theoretically infinite capacity to maintain their positions and absorb temporary losses of a size that no single private market participant can ever hope to match (while blithely forcing others with the misfortune of being on the other side of the trade) have now managed brazenly to hollow out the major equities and derivatives markets under color of executing what I’m sure they would describe as “prudent policy”. Of what value is embarking on a plan to raise competing currencies when there is already no power to force price convergence in the commodities cash markets (read gold “backwardation”) and holders of alternate currencies are forced to factor into their decision matrix the relative probability of a Fed-initiated or Fed-sanctioned takedown of their positions? The increasing unwillingness on the part of public figures to speak the unvarnished truth to the masses is a punch in the face to us and all other lovers of freedom and must begin to change for the better soon or by the time of the next presidential inaugural we will have flatlined, and no new president, however well-intentioned, will have the power to resuscitate us.

  3. A.S.K. LIBRARY has designed a t-shirt that you may be interested in pursuant to mend the fed and restore a classical gold standard.

    I need a address to send you a t – shirt and see what think of it. At this time no other groups have used this designed.

    By the way it took 20 silver dollars to get a 20 dollar gold piece and silver dollar was based on the Spanish Mill dollar that was silver piece, so the dollar was based on silver standard and gold was secondary standard.

    Then half , quarter, dime ( had silver in them not gold ), nickel ( had nickel in them ) and pennie ( had copper in them ).

    Dollar was based on a silver standard. It took silver to get a gold dollar.

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