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7 Virtual Date Ideas You Can Do with Your Loved One

Love has no rules, so you might just find yourself falling in love with someone from a different continent! It doesn’t matter if your chosen one lives in the same street or across the ocean from you, you’ll end up having an online date one way or another. It might be a bit hard to keep your partner romantically interested and satisfied, as the connection might drift away after some time, being physically away from each other plays a big role in that. But here are some fun ideas on how to plan the perfect long-distance date and keep things between you two as fun and romantic as possible, regardless of the distance between you guys!

Keep it Fancy

In order to keep the romance going, you need to put up just as much effort on virtual dates as you would in real life. This means putting on your best outfit, getting ready, and eating your favorite meal and drink with your significant other. Experts at this blog about love state just how important it is to maintain a connection, even miles and miles away. Keeping things special and exciting will ensure both you and your partner feel special and wanted – so fancy dinners are a must!

Morning Coffee Run

Sometimes you just don’t have time, nor the inspiration to plan out a date, additional points if it’s an online date, but you know how important it is to maintain a relationship by spending quality time with your partner. That’s why you should incorporate simple dates into your already established routine. Going on a coffee run every morning? Video chat your significant other and drink your coffee with them. This takes zero preparation, but still feels special and is a well-spent time with your loved one!

Arts and Crafts Night

There is nothing more fun than being creative and making something on your own, why not turn it into a date as well! There are plenty of DIY projects and creative things to do with your significant other, and when you finish your creations, you can send them to each other as presents. This is not only a cute date idea, but you’ll also get a personalized gift from the person you love the most!

Movie Date Every Friday

Sometimes you just want to be lazy and lay around all evening, and what better way to spend those kinds of nights than with your significant other. This is the perfect way to plan multiple dates at once, so every Friday night can be turned into a movie night, one time you chose a movie, your partner the next time, and this can go on and on, there is literally no excuse to not spend time with your loved one, even when you are lazy, so why not be lazy together!

Learn Something Together

Who said dates only mean sitting around and eating? Why not spend that time doing something both useful and fun – like learning a new skill together. This is the perfect bonding experience that will bring you way closer, regardless of the miles between your two. For example, why not learn to cook together? There are plenty of easy recipes that you can try to tackle together. You can even make a small competition, which one of you can make the meal better and faster – additional fun points if you do this while drunk!

Play Online Video Games

This is probably the easiest date you can plan out, while still spending some quality time with your love. It takes literally zero prepping, you don’t even need to change from your pajamas to do it! Find a video game that seems interesting to both of you and start playing it together. You can talk to each other via discord and share laughs or screams as you take on this quest together. You can also turn this into a double date by inviting some of your friends to play with you guys for even more fun!

Travel together…sort of 

Have you ever wanted to do something as romantic as traveling to Paris and having a romantic diner date there? Well, you can do that without leaving your house. You can always plan a mini traveling date with your significant other, where you virtually visit all the cool places you wanted to see. This means all sorts and kinds of museums and galleries too! The world is at your fingertips, why not use the situation you are currently in and make the best out of it – you can even go state by state or continent by continent! This will also prepare you for any actual traveling in the future as well!

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