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Annual Ridgewood School Board Election – May 12


April 30, 2020

Dear Ridgewood School Community,

Registered voters in Ridgewood should have begun to receive their vote-by-mail ballots for the Annual School Election and the Municipal Election. Ballots must be postmarked on Election Day (May 12) and received by the County Board of Elections within 48 hours. Ballots received after 8 pm on May 14 will not be counted; therefore, it is important to return your ballot as soon as possible.

The vote-by-mail ballot is two-sided, one side pertaining to the School Budget and Board of Education Election and the other side for the Municipal Election. To participate in both elections, voters must complete both sides of the ballot. On the Board of Education side of the ballot, you will have the opportunity to vote for the 2020-2021 School Budget, as well as for three Board of Education seats. As a reminder, you will be selecting two candidates for the three-year term seats and one candidate for the unexpired one-year term seat. The school budget vote is a yes or no question.

Before casting your vote, I invite you to click here to view the School Budget Presentation and learn more about how the budget supports the mission and vision of the Ridgewood Public Schools. To learn more about the candidates running for the Board of Education, please click here to view a Candidates Guide from the League of Women Voters of Ridgewood.

Enclosed with your ballot are instructions, a Certificate of Mail-In Voter envelope, and a postage-paid return envelope. Since this is not the typical, in-person voting process, I urge you to read the instructions carefully and follow all of the steps as described. For more information, visit the website of the Bergen County Clerk’s Office at Following is a link to vote-by-mail instructions:

Below is an overview of the vote-by-mail steps.

Mark the ballot(s) for the candidates and/or questions of your choice. Use black ink. Remember, the ballot has two sides: one side for the School Budget and Board of Education and the other side for the Municipal Election. Be sure to complete both sides.
Insert the completed ballot into the Certificate of Mail-In Voter envelope and seal. Do not detach the certificate from the envelope.
Complete the Certificate of Mail-In Voter envelope. Sign and seal where indicated.
Insert the Certificate of Mail-In Voter envelope into the postage-paid return envelope.
Seal the return envelope.
Complete the return envelope and mail.
Thank you for all that you do to make our community the special place it is for our children to grow and learn!


Daniel Fishbein, Ed.D
Superintendent of Schools



6 thoughts on “Annual Ridgewood School Board Election – May 12

  1. It took almost 5 days to get to resident mailboxes. If you don’t mail your ballot back by Friday May 8th, it may never get to the County by May 14th.

  2. A reminder to all residents, there will be no voting at the polls. Only mail in ballots. Tell all your friends who may not be up on Village news.

  3. you watch the budget is going to pass.Don’t be surprised.

  4. Overrated school system.

  5. It is absolutely ludicrous that they are still trying to pass this budget now, when we know for a fact there are going to be massive cuts to state funding coming soon. The hubris and the short sightedness is breathtaking. But what else should we expect from the dopes in charge?

  6. Christina Abadi is the new Anonymous

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