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Defending Myself Against “Anonymous” Posters

Though I am quite amused at the person screaming at me anonymously through an online message board, I do feel the need to defend my comments which have been taken out of context – shocking!

Here is exactly what I posted:Just a heads up I have spoken to Oradell, as well as two AnimalHospitals in NYC near my office, and neither is recommending this shot.Additionally, the fee is $20, plus a $40 visit fee, both x 2, so the total cost is $120 for the vaccine. Not telling anyone which decision tomake, just helping provide some additional facts.

Nowhere am I “knocking” Ridgewood Animal Hospital or Dr. Cerf, who has seen our dog since we moved here and from what I can tell, does an excellent job. I am also quite happy for you that Dr. Cerf was able tosave your dog, as we had a difficult and expensive experience with our pup at 6 months old having developed a liver shunt and needing surgery,luckily for us he was saved by the great team at the NYC Animal Medical Center.

I did call Oradell after receiving the letter from RVH because I wanted to see if they charged less than Ridgewood for the shot, as my initial inclination was to absolutely vaccinate our dog. Oradell did inform mewhen I called that they were not recommending the shot across the board,and I will concede that perhaps in my above post, I could have been abit more specific. Additionally, I also contacted two vets near my office in NYC, who also stated they were not recommending the vaccine.My post was providing as accurate information as I had at the time. The mere suggestion that I would have some sort of agenda and thus put the beloved pets of my neighbors at risk is insulting.

If you were so curious as to where I work (as if I am some rogue internet poster who owns stock in Oradell Animal Hospital) you should note that unlike you, I do not post anonymous comments, though, for your piece of mind, I can assure you, that the utility company I work for has no vested interest in hurting RVH.

John B.


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