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Bergen County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit Presents a special plaque of gratitude to the Founders of Oradell Animal Hospital

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Oradell NJ, Bergen County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit gave a special plaque of gratitude in the name of Dr. Anthony Palminteri, who co-founded the Oradell Animal Hospital in 1961.
Sheriff Anthony Cureton presented the plaque in honor of Dr. Palminteri to his wife, Gail.

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MRI machine explodes at Oradell Animal Hospital, critically injuring repairman



MRI machine explodes at Oradell Animal Hospital, critically injuring repairman

March 6, 2015, 12:31 PM    Last updated: Friday, March 6, 2015, 7:50 PM
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The Record

PARAMUS — An MRI machine exploded during maintenance at the Oradell Animal Hospital late Friday morning, critically injuring one repairman but sparing scores of employees and animals in the hospital, Police Chief Kenneth Ehrenberg said.

The critically injured worker suffered cuts and crushing-related injuries; the other two had minor to moderate injuries including respiratory complaints, the chief said. He said their identities were being withheld pending family notification.

As of mid evening, the chief said there was no update on the most-severely injured man’s condition.

The explosion caused a small leak of helium, which cools the inside of the machine and can be dangerous in a closed area. The area was subsequently ventilated and made safe, Ehrenberg said.

Responding to reports at 11:51 a.m. of a fire and an explosion at the animal hospital at 580 Winters Ave., police found the ceiling of the east wing collapsed, but the building remained structurally sound, the chief said. There was no evidence of a fire, he said.

About 60 animals and 100 employees were in the building, the chief said, and the staff subsequently accounted for all animals and employees. They were moved to several contingent sites in the county, he said.

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Defending Myself Against “Anonymous” Posters

Though I am quite amused at the person screaming at me anonymously through an online message board, I do feel the need to defend my comments which have been taken out of context – shocking!

Here is exactly what I posted:Just a heads up I have spoken to Oradell, as well as two AnimalHospitals in NYC near my office, and neither is recommending this shot.Additionally, the fee is $20, plus a $40 visit fee, both x 2, so the total cost is $120 for the vaccine. Not telling anyone which decision tomake, just helping provide some additional facts.

Nowhere am I “knocking” Ridgewood Animal Hospital or Dr. Cerf, who has seen our dog since we moved here and from what I can tell, does an excellent job. I am also quite happy for you that Dr. Cerf was able tosave your dog, as we had a difficult and expensive experience with our pup at 6 months old having developed a liver shunt and needing surgery,luckily for us he was saved by the great team at the NYC Animal Medical Center.

I did call Oradell after receiving the letter from RVH because I wanted to see if they charged less than Ridgewood for the shot, as my initial inclination was to absolutely vaccinate our dog. Oradell did inform mewhen I called that they were not recommending the shot across the board,and I will concede that perhaps in my above post, I could have been abit more specific. Additionally, I also contacted two vets near my office in NYC, who also stated they were not recommending the vaccine.My post was providing as accurate information as I had at the time. The mere suggestion that I would have some sort of agenda and thus put the beloved pets of my neighbors at risk is insulting.

If you were so curious as to where I work (as if I am some rogue internet poster who owns stock in Oradell Animal Hospital) you should note that unlike you, I do not post anonymous comments, though, for your piece of mind, I can assure you, that the utility company I work for has no vested interest in hurting RVH.

John B.