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Fair Lawn has a Rooster Problem

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Fair Lawn NJ,  the Borough of Fair Lawn has a rooster problem and the borough  Council is considering regulating the keeping of farm animals as pets.  Yes Roosters are legal in Fair Lawn, but the natural alarm clock is getting a second look after several residents have come forward to complain to the borough council about being disturbed in their sleep.

Fair Lawn does have a general noise ordinance that  prohibits unnecessary noises that are “physically annoying to persons, or which are so harsh, that it disrupts the peace of the borough or anyone in the borough.”, but nothing that specifically addresses roosters .

Near by Ridgewood has an ordinance that forbids coops within 50 feet of a neighbor’s home or any place where people congregate, and within 200 feet of any food establishment. Coops must also be at least 10 feet from property lines.


4 thoughts on “Fair Lawn has a Rooster Problem

  1. I reside in Fair Lawn and notice the Rooster and Chicken Coop in town. My opinion the township of fair lawn should consider removing this concern.

  2. Exactly, what do you mean by “removing this concern”? At least a poultry farm gives you fresh eggs. No one complained when you could buy fresh produce on 208. You didn’t complain about The FairLawn Daires on River Road. In the last 30 years progressives turned every open space in to a housing complex.

  3. “In the last 30 years progressives turned every open space in to a housing complex”

    It seems you spelled “capitalists” wrong. How embarrassing.

    1. forced over development is hardly “capitalism, in fact its the heart of socialism

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