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>fly on the wall

>The Ridgewood Blog has also been informed by various sources the many people in the Village Hall think it is “NO BIG DEAL” that the Taxpayers were forced to pay $30 thousand for a certain date gone wrong. Our suggestion is that if it is “NO BIG DEAL” simply write a check out of your own account and refund the taxpayers . Thanks we are waiting …….

4 thoughts on “>fly on the wall

  1. >Perhaps those people at Village Hall who think it’s “NO BIG DEAL” are dating on the side themselves, and know that many police officers are aware of the goings on. The police are everywhere and see everything. So of course the big shots would be the first to defend what happened behind Starbucks. Who knows; one of them might have been parked behind Starbucks that same night.

  2. >Why is it that the taxpayers pay for this? Why doesn’t the person responsible for the “Date” pony up the cash?

  3. >$30,000? Isn’t that “coffee money” in Ridgewood? 😉

  4. >Only for a small coffee. And you have to have your butler pour it for you. Such is the agony of the underprivlaged rich…

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