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Former Ridgewood Water Exec Gets 3 years prison for Falsifying Reports


Ex-top official of East Orange water agency gets 3 years in prison

Formerly the chief engineer for Ridgewood Water.

TRENTON — A former top official of the East Orange Water Commission was sentenced to three years in prison today for hiding elevated levels of an industrial solvent in drinking water pumped to more than 80,000 residents in the city and neighboring South Orange.

William Mowell, 52, of Wyckoff, pleaded guilty in July to conspiring with the agency’s former executive director, Harry Mansmann, to falsify levels of tetrachloroethene to show the water was safe to drink, the state Attorney General’s Office said.

As part of his sentence, handed down by state Superior Court Judge Carolyn Wright, Mowell will be permanently banned form public office and public employment in the state.

9 thoughts on “Former Ridgewood Water Exec Gets 3 years prison for Falsifying Reports

  1. Please pray for him and the resident that drank the water

  2. I think he was helping some one else in this one. it just may be a cover up. it may be more to this then we know.

  3. Why pray for him he did not give a damn.

  4. do you know all the facts in this.

  5. I hope he did not do that in the village.

  6. His menu in jail: bread and contaminated water.

  7. Make him drink water laced with high levels of industrial solvent tetrachloroethene as punishment

  8. this makes u think , what did he do the town water.

  9. I knew this guy many, many years ago…he wasn’t bad, as I recall. I have a feeling there’s more to this story than we realize. Maybe he got caught up in something bigger than himself…something involving others that was beyond his personal control. Who knows. I actually wish him well.

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