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Having The Best Gaming Aid Experience with Razer Junglecat

The gaming brand Nintendo established the era of handheld gaming devices with the device named Gameboy, which most of the 90’s kids loved playing. The handheld gaming device was followed with the brand Sony. Sony’s peak is when they released the PSP and Nintendo 3DS, but they experienced a decline in the market as time went by.

An attempt to resurrect the glory of handheld gaming devices came out with the form of Playstation Vista and when Nintendo came out in switch. Nowadays, new brands are trying to replicate its predecessor’s success when it comes to handheld gaming devices, like the Razer Junglecat.

What is a Razer Junglecat?

Most gaming enthusiasts thought that Razer Jungle Cat was a counter-response for the new Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch has been seen as one of the top tiers for being one of the most successful handheld gaming devices in the market. Nintendo is also known to be at best when it comes to competing with its rivals. 

The Razer Junglecat has a lot of similarities with Nintendo’s controller. The Razer Junglecat mainly focuses on what a Nintendo controller can’t do, which is connecting to a mobile device. Razer is one of the most respected when it comes to gaming aid. Hence, the invention of Razer Junglecat.

The gaming community of smartphones is rising day by day, and most of the popular games are switching into the mobile operating trend. As people wonder what a Razer Junglecat is, it has many similarities with the Nintendo switch. Still, it can connect directly with a smartphone making it superior when it comes to gaming aid.  

Razer Junglecat Review

This Nintendo Switch looks like it is maybe the best Android controller in today’s market when it comes to its features. Although it is one of the most expensive choices for Android controllers because it is more or less priced at $99.99, most of its buyers have a second thought with its product.

With all of that being said, It is still one of the best investments if you are looking for an Android controller. It is best used for people who are mostly used in a long time games and enjoy Razer Junglecat reliable design comfort.

Pricing of Razer Junglecat

The price range when you buy your very own Razer Junglecat is about $99.99. It may be an expensive item to buy initially, but it is a better option than the Nintendo Switch, which has a higher price than Razer Junglecat. Although compared with brands other than Nintendo Switch, the cost of Razer Junglecat may be a bit higher than average mid-range brands.

There are not a lot of items you can find inside a Razer Junglecat gaming aid box. You will have two ready to use controllers and the plastic-build part to connect the two devices physically. Razer Junglecat calls this a controller grip but most likely just a simple connector for a controller.

The Razer Junglecat box also includes a specially made phone for the US, which are Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Samsung Galaxy S+10, and Razer Phone 2.While in the Europe version, you can find a Huawei P30, Samsung Galaxy S+10, and Razer Phone 2. All of these can be on your hand for only $99.99.

Compatibility of Razer Junglecat

There are many comprehensions that the Razer Junglecat can only be used with specially made phone cases. But, the Razer Junglecat is not only limited to those devices. You can use the Razer Junglecat with any device that you desire, for it is capable of being connected to any smartphone or tablet as long as it runs through Android 8.0 or higher.

But to fully use the Razer Junglecat controller, you need to download a specific app called Razer Gaming mobile app. You can also use Razer Junglecat with TV as long as your smartphone supports it and Windows PC as long as it supports Bluetooth.

One of the Razer Junglecat’s negative side is it does not support any iOS devices. But there are rumors that it will soon be available in their services.

Battery Life

Battery life is one of the most important factors when it comes to devices. Hence, the importance of Razer with the battery life span of its products. Razer Junglecat can be entirely operated for almost 100+hours when the battery is fully charged. It is used with a Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE to make the 100+hours gaming possible. 

The Razer Junglecat is compatible with USB-C charging which is a rising trend of a way for charging and transferring data. From the overall view of this product, the battery life is one of its best features, making this a must have item.

Form Factor of The Razer Junglecat

In terms of Form factor, it has a lot of similarities with the Nintendo Switch. However, the Nintendo switch color is intended to be more lively, which is best for children. The Razer Junglecat has a different approach when it comes to its color; it is a more bland color with a completely black base and a little touch of green light on its upper part.

The size of every Razer Junglecat controller is measured for about 1.17 X 1.44 X 3.18 inches, which gives good comfort for every user with its perfect hand size compatibility. The controller is almost 42grams, and the controller grip is almost 101grams. Although people with enormous hands might find a little discomfort when using this product. 

The Razer Junglecat is composed of a clickable thumbstick from its both sides. There are four hexagonal buttons on the left part of the controller, and the right part of the controller has four circle buttons. The sensitive level of the analog can also be changed with the Razer Gamepad app. You can also change the functions of each button through the Gamepad App.


The Razer Junglecat is one of the best gaming aids you can have in today’s market. It is always compared with Nintendo Switch, which is a good thing because you can have the services that Nintendo Switch can offer but in a lower price range.

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