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Holiday Entertaining Ideas for Easter and Passover

kings brisket

March 31,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ,  cooking a holiday meal is one of the top ways residents will be celebrating Easter and Passover this week. Kings Food Markets has put a twist on classic dishes to make Easter and Passover a big hit this year, and thought the recipes below would be of interest our readers.



  • Braised Brisket of Beef – Enjoy this tender, flavorful brisket with sweet marinara sauce that’s worthy to be the main course of any Passover feast.
  • Roasted Vegetables Tzimmes – This traditional side dish of roasted vegetables and dried fruits is packed with flavor and can’t be missed from the dinner table.
  • Apple Walnut Cake – Fresh apples, crunchy walnuts and matzo cake meal (instead of flour) make this the ultimate Passover dessert.

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  1. I did make a brisket and it was from Kings.

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