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J.Crew Files for Bankruptcy 

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Paramus NJ, J.Crew Group, which operates the J.Crew and Madewell brands, has become the first national US retailer to file for bankruptcy protection since the coronavirus pandemic forced a wave of store closures.

The clothing retailer said Monday that it has filed to begin Chapter 11 proceedings in federal bankruptcy court in the Eastern District of Virginia. The company also said it had reached a deal with its lenders to convert about $1.65 billion of debt into equity.

The retailer expects to stay in business and emerge from bankruptcy as a profitable company. Madewell, the fast-growing denim brand that had been slated for an IPO, will remain part of the business. J.Crew has stores in Garden State Plaza, Riverside Square and Bergen Town Center .

6 thoughts on “J.Crew Files for Bankruptcy 

  1. Hey James, I know you have nothing better to do than treat this blog like your personal diary (NERD), but can we please try to keep things Ridgewood-focused?

  2. yes PJ be careful to many kids still live in their mothers basement , they have not yet discovered foreign lands like Paramus or Hackensack

  3. Too*

  4. This is very Ridgewood Blog relevant. Ridgewood is a Dem town and it’s the Dems who are putting up all the resistance regarding getting the economy opened up again.

    The Ridgewood Dems, however, are mostly highly paid folks who are having fun in their big homes, playing at baking bread and watching CNN/MSNBC while their unaffected salaries are business as usual.

  5. Yes, you’re totally right. J.Crew has been on the verge of bankruptcy since 2017, but it’s those fatcat Ridgewood dems, sitting in their west side mansions and looking down through their monocles as they light their cigars with 100 dollar bills and laugh about their plans to tank the economy coming to fruition, who are actually responsible for J.Crew’s bankruptcy. Can’t get anything past you.

  6. J. Crew is just at the forefront because they were already in dire straits. Thousands of small businesses are perilously close to dying with owners losing their life savings.
    The Dems don’t want Trump to get his economy back purely for political purposes. They are evil.

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