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Q&A About Microsoft 70-767 Exam: Prepare Smartly with Accurate Resources and Practice Tests

The key to passing any certification exam with flying colours is to study smartly. That is why there are so many types of resources that you can find online. The same goes for the Microsoft 70-767 test. This is the exam associated with the MCSA credential that requires your full commitment during the preparation days.Thus, in this article, we will discuss the details ofthis test and help you find the way of learning that will be perfect for you.

But before talking about Microsoft View Resource Info , we need to mention that it is not the only exam that you need to pass to get the MCSA: SQL 2016 BI Development certificate. In total, there are two prerequisite tests: 70-767 and 70-768. That is why you should be ready that you will need to prepare twice and put all your efforts to both exams. By earning this associate-level certification, you will be certified in accomplishing data warehousing tasks that include the following:

Designing and implementing a data warehouse;
Performing Extraction, Load, and Transformation solutions;
Building data quality solutions.

This is the least of what you will be able to do.

What is Microsoft 70-767 certification exam?

Microsoft 70-767 is ideal for those professionals who want to advance their careers in building Business Intelligence solutions. The best candidates for this exam are the data warehouse developers with job responsibilities that include ETL operations, creating and implementing DWs and data cleansing. It also gauges the relevant skills in implementing a data warehouse using SQL.

The format ofthe 70-767 certification exam is similar to other Microsoft tests. Though the company may change it anytime, thequestionscan generally be of the following types:multiple choice, drag and drop, scenario-based,case study, active screen, hot area, etc. The duration of this exam is 120 minutes with additional minutes to read the instructions, sign the non-disclosure agreement, and fill a feedback survey. The fee associated with Microsoft70-767 is $165,and the test can be taken via Pearson VUE visit

The passing criterion for the Microsoft exams isabout 70% that is clearly 700 points. Failing to score at least this number of marks, the applicants will need to retake the test and pay the fee again. Microsoft also restricts the number of attempts to 5 per year. The first retake can be made after 24 hours of the first try, the second one can be taken only after 14 days of the previous attempt.

What topics do you need to learn for Microsoft 70-767 certification exam?

As mentioned earlier, the key to passingany exam with high results is a thorough preparation process. Put your efforts on the skills measured and their weight in percentage mentioned in the syllabus. It should be noted that the Microsoft 70-767 test may evaluate your knowledgeof the following topics:

1.Design, implement, and maintain a data warehouse: 35-40%

Design and implement dimension tables, fact tables, indexes, storage in DW, partitioned table, and views.

2.Extract, Transform, and Load data: 40-45%

Design and implement ETL control flow, data flow using SSIS package.

Implement incremental data extraction and data loading.

Debug, deploy, and configure SSIS packages and projects.

3.Build data quality solutions: 15-20%

Create and maintain Data Quality Services(DQS).

Implement and manage Master Data Services (MDS).

Please refer to the official website for more details related to the exam objectives.

What should do to excel in Microsoft 70-767 certification exam?

To prepare for Microsoft 70-767, there are many options available that you can choose from. You should start with the recommendations that you can find on the official webpage. Microsoft can offer you a wide range of prep resources that include instructor-led courses, practice tests, books, free online training, and study groups. After that, you need to visit the PrepAwayplatform to purchase the premium bundle that comes with practice questions and answers, video courses, and one detailed study guide. Of course, you can just download some free braindumps instead, which are available on the same page at the bottom but they may be not full.

All in all, you need to consider adding the following resources to your preparation list:

  1. Instructor-led training courses;
  2. Free video lectures;
  3. Some books that include a thorough study guide;
  4. Practice tests;
  5. Braindumps.

There is no need to get them all from both sites, you just need to choose the ones that are most suitable for you. These prep tools should help you explore all the possible information about the exam content in various possible ways. It can be tough to handle all these resources at once. Don’t overload yourself and take the amount that you personally need. For some individuals, it can be just books and practice tests, while for others it is a lot more interesting to watch a video course and then practice with braindumps.

How can practice tests help you pass Microsoft 70-767 certification exam?

You can feel confident after reading online study materials, but practice tests will check your actual knowledge and skills. By using this type of preparation, you will get familiar with the different formats of questions that can be asked in the real exam. It will also help you develop a plan on how to attempt each type of questions, build a strategy, manage time, improve your weak areas, optimize your efforts, and feel the vibe of the actual certification test to reduce anxiety.


The above information sheds light on the Microsoft 70-767 certification exam and all the important detailsassociated with it. If you are looking forward to advancing your career, increasing your technical skills, and providing high-quality solutions in a data warehouse, then the MCSA: SQL 2016 BI Development credential is just for you. By obtaining this certificate, you will be a confident BI developer with an average salary of about $101,515 per year. And this is really a very good deal.

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