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Jack Ciattarelli Wins Big

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, the Tuesday night debate was a big fail for Governor Murphy . GOP challenger Jack Ciattarelli looked prepared  and focused  while the governor stuck to his well worn failed silly bromides . The governor seemed a bit rattled ,looking for an anti Trump sound bite double down on the usual failed promises on how the state is helping minorities and working families . Governor Murphy  also failed to take ownership of his disastrous COVID policy . New Jersey’s COVID Response was among the Very Worst in the country.

“New Jersey was ranked 46th out of 50 states in terms of performance despite having some of the toughest, more restrictive COVID-19 orders in the nation.”

Despite being explicitly warned that his actions would result in fatalities, Phil Murphy decisions caused the deaths of over 8,000 nursing home residents and staff.

New Jersey is the only state that remains under investigation by the Biden DOJ for its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in state-run nursing homes.

Not only did Phil ignore whistleblowers from inside his own Department of Health, who called for Commissioner Judy Persichilli’s resignation, he brazenly dishonored the memory of the thousands of dead seniors and veterans in naming a building after her.

Bob Hugin, Chairman of the New Jersey Republican Party, released the following statement in response to the first gubernatorial debate between embattled incumbent Governor Phil Murphy and businessman Jack Ciattarelli.

“ Jack Ciattarelli proved beyond a doubt that he is best suited to lead our state forward with common-sense, authenticity, and a clear vision for how to bring tax relief and good-paying jobs back to New Jersey. Jack’s a born and bred Jersey guy who has raised a family, started a business and created jobs here, which will prove to be a welcome break from Phil Murphy, a radically out-of-touch Goldman Sachs socialist.

“Not only did Phil Murphy fail to take ownership of the scandals of serial harassment and mistreatment of female staffers that occurred under his watch, he also failed to take ownership of his overreaching, big-government agenda which has led to one of the worst unemployment rates in the nation, record-high taxes, and nearly 10,000 dead seniors and veterans due to his reckless decision to house COVID-patients with healthy nursing home residents.

“One thing was made abundantly clear tonight – the polls in this race are statistically tied because Jack Ciattarelli is the ideal leader for New jersey who is best suited to fix our state and finally get us moving in the right direction.”

6 thoughts on “Jack Ciattarelli Wins Big

  1. My friend said that Murphy spoke poorly last night.

  2. Nothing to lose by putting Jack in the seat and everything to gain. Murphy an elite who can’t relate to everyday citizens and their needs. He is a tax and spend liberal not impacted in the least by his far left policies. A 23 room villa in Tuscany and a net worth of 1/4 billion, he is out of touch and led by the woke class. Lets give Jack a chance to lower our taxes, support small business, school choice and our everyday freedoms.

  3. Jack definitely won last night.
    We were glad that Jack exposed heartless Phil Murphy’s desire to make abortion legal as late as the 9th month of pregnancy. It is truly heartless for any governor to push for a nearly born baby to be killed.
    A woman’s right to choose early on perhaps but at 9 months you’ve got to be heartless to abort. And Murphy to allow “other than an MD the right to perform an abortion”. Is Murphy completely out of his mind? Is he okay with bringing back the bad old days of back office wire hanger abortions? I’m disgusted with Murphy.

    On crime, as Jack pointed out, Murphy is also loser. Where is it logical that Murphy will not permit the police to call the parents of a drunken or drugged up child?
    The governor should want the police to call the parents of any minor who is caught endangering himself/herself and others with alcohol or drugs. But not Murphy.

    As far as the Covid 19 nursing home deaths caused by Murphy’s orders he appeared nervous and rattled and said only that his orders were crystal clear to nursing homes to separate Covid 19 patients. Crystal clear? Really? Obviously not crystal clear or 8,000 elderly people would not have perished.

    Oh and it’s crazy that Murphy said even though he waited 13 HOURS to declare a state of emergency during the hurricane his administration did warn people on social media. On Instagram? Right, as if people were playing on with Instragram during a hurricane.

    Excuses, excuses, excuses. That’s Murphy. No vote for Murphy from this household.

    We’re voting for the adult. Jack Citarelli.

  4. Vote for Jack! Oust Murphy!

  5. He has my vote but he has no chance. Ain’t no cure for stupid when it comes to NJ voters

  6. “Ain’t no cure for stupid when it comes to NJ voters”

    What’s his middle initial?

    If it’s a “D,” they can just make a mistake and put it at the end……………………

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