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Last Call for Commonsense

by Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein

The gubernatorial election ending when polls close Tuesday evening on November 2nd is not about right versus left or Republican versus Democrat. This election is about whether we will be governed by commonsense or by out-of-touch extremism. Gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli has been an advocate for NJ families, working and middle class residents, taxpayers, job growth, and freedom for New Jerseyans of all races, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Phil Murphy, the disastrous incumbent governor, has pursued policies which have killed 8,000 nursing home residents, increased the cost of living on working and middle class New Jerseyan’s, and has been busy destroying over 1/3 of NJ small businesses and the state economy.

Murphy’s forecasted future plans are even worse than his record to date. These are plans he hasn’t yet said fully aloud, but which he has hinted at and for which his campaign higher-ups have gotten in trouble for letting leak. These plans, to create a mandatory vaccine passport system like in NYC, will likely not hurt large chains but will cripple the remaining small businesses (particularly in minority communities) by creating de facto segregation and disallowing them to serve a large portion of the public. This Murphy policy comes at a time when Covid-19 numbers are at the lowest point ever. Just like his pandemic era policies requiring mom and pop shops to close while allowing big box stores to remain open and mandating nursing homes (which had no quarantine facilities) to take in Covid-19 patients, this new policy will harm our state.

Murphy’s extremism doesn’t end at Covid-19. Rather, even before the pandemic Murphy’s was hurting the economy and killing jobs (most famously chasing away the great smelling Nabisco Factory in Fairlawn). While Murphy and his fellow extremists would have us forget, the reality is that the state economy was shrinking, taxes were already rising, and the cost of living in New Jersey was growing before the pandemic. 

On social issues, Murphy has continued to screw the pooch (and NJ). Following the lead of President Biden and the modern day far-left-dominated Democrat Party, Murphy has been pushing the anti-police and critical race theory agenda centered on the falsehood that America is “institutionally racist.” On education, not only did Murphy leave so many of NJ’s children behind by failing to ensure public school virtual education was suiting the needs of all the students, especially those in inner cities, but he pushed a “sex education” curriculum for elementary and middle school children that could make a prostitute blush. While the people of NJ wanted an end to marijuana prohibition, Murphy (in a law no one asked for) made it illegal for police to search a child caught consuming marijuana or alcohol for more marijuana or alcohol and prohibited police from notifying parents that their child was using while underage. 

This election the state of NJ has a choice between extremist Phil Murphy who has proven himself out of touch with parental rights, individual freedom, job growth, and who bears personal responsibility for the deaths of thousands of nursing home residents, and Jack Ciattarelli. The voters of the state can save New Jersey from a Phil Murphy future of increased unaffordability and cost of living, skyrocketing taxes, indoctrination over education, and growing crime by sending in Jack Ciattarelli with his plan to rebuild NJ.  This is New Jersey’s the last call for commonsense.

13 thoughts on “Last Call for Commonsense

  1. There is nothing to stop Murphy from going even further left after the election.

    Jack has made progress against this carpetbagger but it’s too much too late.

    Buckle your seat belts, the ride is going to get even bumpier.

  2. Lets get out and vote. Nothing to lose and everything to gain by voting for Jack. Murphy is a far left elite worth 1/2 bn who struggles to relate to the average middle/lower class family and small business owner getting priced out of NJ ( “we are not ur state”). Murphy is an arrogant, self serving politician who must be voted out.

    Vote For Jack on Tuesday!!!

  3. Phil Murphy’s running on empty. Last week at Rutger’s U Murphy brought the tax-confiscating socialist Bernie Sanders to stump for him. NJ, the state with out of control property taxes (and a possible sales tax jump to 8 percent if Murphy gets re elected) and he brings tax loving Sanders. Then Murphy makes an immature comment to the Rutgers U audience shouting “we got pot!”
    Yeah. We got pot. And he did nothing about lowering property taxes. Nothing to improve the three hour wait times at motor vehicles commission. Closed small businessess and now forces them to shoulder $225 million in additional payroll taxes. Denies that his Covid nursing home policy killed 8,000 elderly New Jerseyans.
    But we got pot. What an idiot.

    Jack Ciattarelli is the logical adult in the room. I’ve heard Jack speak at several events and his policies make sense to get NJ on track for success, for safety, for children in school, for lowering property taxes and for encouraging businesses and families to stay in NJ. Jack is what a governor should be.
    The current NJ budget is gushing red ink but Murphy wants to spend more. How? He already borrowed $4.5 billion without asking tax payers. Now he will have to raise taxes to pay for all his mistakes. NJ cannot afford anymore of Murphy.

    Vote Murphy OUT.

  4. Bring sanity back, vote for Jack!

  5. I’ve given up on our country. There is something terribly wrong with the mindset of liberals and their true intentions. Unfortunately we are at the point where they dominate education, the internet, the media, hollywood, the government and arguably voting procedures. Achieving control of enough people to maintain power. Short of an uprising by those who are not liberal – which will never happen – its over. They are very good at what they do.

  6. Vote for Jack Ciattarelli!

    Send the big ego authoritarian Murphy packing. Or face his soon to be statewide vaccine mandate rooted in segregation. We can’t allow that in NJ.

    Vote for Jack Ciattarelli! The people’s choice for fair government and the protection of our civil liberties.

  7. Horse teeth has nothing to worry about. If the numbers start to look a little close, there will be boxes and boxes of yet-uncounted mail-ins delivered, as well as the thousands of votes taken from the semi-cognizant patients in the nursing homes.

  8. “Jack Ciattarelli is the logical adult in the room. ”


    The question often is, is the ostensible Republican candidate basically saying that he/she is everything the Democrat is, except fiscally and managerially sane?

    Because this has so often led to election day disappointments for millions of registered Republicans in New Jersey. The message is not strong enough. It fails to mark out a stark enough contrast. Many citizens and registered voters react to such a message by saying, We already have a Democrat in this race (in this case, in the Gubernatorial office). Why would we cast our vote for mere “Democrat Lite”?

  9. I’m confident that when the poll results are in, Ridgewood will vote overwhelmingly for Murphy,
    because we are …

  10. Right now, Alec Baldwin (with his crazy wife as Lt Gov) could run on the D ticket and he would overwhelmingly win.

  11. “Because this has so often led to election day disappointments for millions of registered Republicans in New Jersey. The message is not strong enough. It fails to mark out a stark enough contrast. Many citizens and registered voters react to such a message by saying, We already have a Democrat in this race (in this case, in the Gubernatorial office). Why would we cast our vote for mere “Democrat Lite”?”

    Just Wow.
    You Democrats must be really scared, because this is a desperation move.

  12. They will attempt to force you to vaccinate your kids to go to school shortly after this bought and paid for election.
    The science in other countries says that natural immunity is much better than the jab and that kids do not shed the virus or get sick, many more die of the flu every year…..but this jab will be mandatory. Mark it down….its coming.

  13. Vote evil Murph the Smurph out.
    Goldman Sucks sellout billionaire who does not care one bit about anyone but himself and pleasing his globalist masters.

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