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Leaky Pipes and How They Occur

leaky pipes

The last thing that you want in your home is to find out that your pipes are leaking. These repairs can be quite expensive, especially if you don’t go to the right plumber to repair it. What causes a leaky pipe though? Leaky pipes can be caused by many things and it is important to get down to the bottom of what caused your leak so you can fix it in the future. Don’t come home to a burst pipe and a flooded basement, here are reasons why leaky pipes occur in your house or yard.


Clogs are one of the most annoying things that can occur to your pipes. Things such as hair, grease, hair products, and even clothing, can slowly build up in the pipes and slowly cause damage over time. You can normally tell clogs are starting to become a problem because your sinks and toilets will drain much slower than they normally do. If this is the case, it is time to call a plumber and get your pipe repaired before it bursts. Just remember, while clogs can oftentimes be unavoidable in your home, a leaky or burst pipe from it definitely can be. Take action quickly before it is too late.

Bad Workmanship

If you have had someone who has worked on your pipes in the past who is not the best at it, this is a problem that can occur. If pipes are not repaired correctly or given the incorrect treatment, they are being set up for leaks in the immediate future. To prevent this, whether you live in Orange County or Lakewood County, make sure that you are hiring a good plumber. Always investigate and hire someone reliable when looking for leak repairs in Lakewood or any other city. Spend the money to get yourself a good plumber, instead of having to pay for the same job to be done twice.

Temperature Changes

This is probably the biggest cause for pipe leaks and bursts and mainly happens in northern colder areas with warmer summers. Pipes, just like any material, do not change in temperature and certainly do not like ice. In the wintertime, any water that is in the pipe can fall into cracks and then freeze. The problem with this, is that water expands when it becomes ice, therefore pushing the pipe and creating a crack. While in the current situation there may not be a leak, overtime, this pipe’s crack will continue to grow and grow and grow until eventually there is a full blown burst pipe. It is vital that if there has been an especially violent winter, or dramatic temperature changes throughout the season that your pipes get looked at. You can gamble that everything is alright, or you can save yourself a possible disaster and thousands of dollars by getting it checked out right away. Don’t let temperature changes ruin your pipes.

Unregulated Water Pressure

If the water pressure running through a pipe is not regulated, it can become damaged overtime. Pipes are built to withstand certain pressures, and if the water exceeds this pressure, you can run into severe issues. Therefore, it is important that you figure out what your pipes can sustain and then install water pressure regulators to ensure that your water never runs above that limit. This is a problem that is extremely avoidable and can be remedied by taking the time to understand the house you live in and the pipes it has. Don’t find yourself stuck without a water regular, pick one up for the health of your pipes.

Deterioration and Shifting

Another common reason for leaky pipes is that they simply are just worn down. Many people forget about their pipes and therefore as they get old, they begin to shift with the foundation and deteriorate. This process can cause small cracks to form in the pipes which then get bigger over the years. The shifting can even cause pipe joints to loosen and even disconnect. If your house is old, have the pipes inspected to see their condition. If the pipes need changing, change them before a serious problem happens.

 There are many reasons for leaky pipes, but only one solution. A plumber can help deal with all of these situations. Not only that, but a plumber can work to prevent all of these situations in your house also, saving you tons of money down the road. Take the time to look after your pipes so you don’t run into trouble later. When was the last time you had your pipes inspected?


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