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Midland Park , Better Safe than Sorry ?

photos by John Wohlberg

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Midland Park NJ, dropping off a Permit  in Midland Park is serious business. on May 13, the US CDC updated its guidance for fully vaccinated individuals, which eliminates previous recommendations regarding physical distancing and mask use, including indoors. The update closely follows comments earlier this week by White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci, who stated that fully vaccinated individuals do not need to wear a mask, except in densely crowded environments, based on a “growing body of evidence” regarding the low risk of infection and transmission for fully vaccinated individuals. The CDC’s updated guidance for fully vaccinated individuals now indicates they no longer need to wear masks or practice physical distancing in most settings.

Not sure if the Midland Park building department meets any of these criteria :

Notable exceptions include higher-risk environments, including “planes, buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation” and “correctional facilities and homeless shelters,” as well as anywhere that masks are mandated by tribal, state, or local governments or in businesses or workplaces that have their own mandates. The guidance applies to individuals who received their final vaccine dose at least 2 weeks prior.

6 thoughts on “Midland Park , Better Safe than Sorry ?

  1. The fully paid endless vacation continues

  2. Let’s not even start a conversation about the buildings department. What was old is new again.

  3. Like they say safety first. If you don’t like it too damn bad. Our health is Important just like yours. This is not like years ago if you are sick you stay home. They don’t give out medals anymore for coming to work sick. No more brownie points, and no more feathers in your That’s done. There are no more heroes.

  4. Like they say, hide in the basement from life.
    Like they say, suck at the government teat for as long as you can.
    Like they say, too damn bad for you.

  5. Typical public servant… insulting the public

  6. Folks this is Midland Park , nothing to do with the VOR

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