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New Jersey Transit Police Interrupt Robbery

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Good police work by District 5 (Penn Station Newark) officers :⁣
Paul Fevola⁣
Carmine Ruocco⁣
Michael Virag⁣

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Newark NJ, investigating yells for help, New Jersey Transit Police Officers quickly came to the aid of a strong-armed robbery victim. The officers found the victim struggling with the actor near an ATM and safely made an apprehension. We remain determined to keep you safe and want you to remember these safety tips while using any ATM abroad.⁣

Always maintain awareness of your surroundings. Is someone hanging around the area? Remember, if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.⁣
Do not display cash in public or count it at the ATM. Wait until you are in a secure place.⁣
For a drive-up ATM, keep your vehicle running and your doors locked. Be prepared to quickly cancel the transaction and leave if someone approaches your vehicle.⁣
Always choose your safety over money, no matter the amount.⁣
Report suspicious activity to us. Text us at (65873) or phone (973) 378-6565. (We recommend adding our contact numbers to your phone now.)⁣

One thought on “New Jersey Transit Police Interrupt Robbery

  1. Newark? A robbery? I’m shocked!
    NICE JOB to NJTPD officers

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