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Build Your Emergency Toolkit

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, PSEG urges resident to take action now to protect your home, family, or business before something unexpected emergencies .

Build Your Emergency Toolkit:

Keep emergency numbers for police and fire departments near your house phone, and program them into your cell phone.

Ensure that children know how to make a call to 911, and under what circumstances they should do so.

Develop an emergency exit plan for your home in case of a fire. Practice the plan to make sure everyone can escape quickly and safely.

Build your emergency toolkit. Have everything you might need in one easily-accessible spot:

Charged cell phone


Additional batteries

Battery-powered radio or TV

Battery-operated alarm clock

Bottled water & nonperishable food

Hand-operated can openers

First aid kit. Check out the American Red Cross “Anatomy of a First Aid Kit” for ideas.

An emergency preparedness kit. The American Red Cross provides a comprehensive list of what to include in a basic kit, like important personal documents, medications, extra cash, and more.


3 thoughts on “Build Your Emergency Toolkit

  1. CASH in small denominations. If you give someone a 100 you wont get change.
    LOTS of ammo to discourage looters. (all of a sudden libtards appreciate the 2nd amendment)

  2. Basic:
    – Install a gas generator
    – Get a chest freezer for extra food
    – Hook up a reverse osmosis water filter to your kitchen sink

    More hardcore:
    – Diversify your investments into crypto
    – Open an offshore bank account
    – Buy a few acres of land upstate and build a winter cabin for emergency (or skiing!)
    – Get a 2nd property in FL

  3. How about utility companies pruning all these trees that the wires are running through them.

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