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How to Politically Condition a Generation

clock work orange

Some insights from The Rape of the Mind.
Devin Foley | November 10, 2015

With all of the intolerance of “offensive” speech and ideas, it’s worth considering what could be happening. Is it all just to create a better society or are we being coerced into a certain mindset?

Sure, what’s going on is not on the level of some of the tyrannies of the 20th century or fictions such as Clockwork Orange, nonetheless the tactics seem eerily similar.

In The Rape of the Mind, Joost Meerloo points out that:

“…he who dictates and formulates the words and phrases we use, he who is master of the press and radio, is master of the mind.”

And who today dictates and formulates the words and phrases we use? Usually, those that matter originate in our universities and institutions of higher learning. They then trickle down through society as those who were embedded with the new words and phrases make their way through society and eventually into positions of leadership. It is the long march through institutions to bring about cultural and then political change.

As more and more individuals have been imprinted with the new way of looking at the world, the more the new thinking permeates the culture and pushes out dissenting views: