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Gottheimer’s Clinton Foundation Connections Raise Serious Questions

Josh Gottheimer

June 22,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The American people are just now learning the extent to which members of the Clinton family are willing to sell themselves and access to our government to the highest bidder.

Now, voters in the Fifth District are demanding answers to what role Josh Gottheimer played with the Clinton Foundation.

The very Liberal New York Observer said , “It comes as no surprise that Hillary Clinton’s closest allies are involved in a litany of ethics violations”

Recently Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign chair, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, came under investigation by the FBI and Department of Justice over questionable contributions to his 2013 campaign.

We already know, for example, that during Josh Gottheimer’s tenure at Microsoft, Bill Clinton was paid $225,000 to give one speech.

But the four years during which Mr. Gottheimer served as Executive Vice President for Burson-Marsteller are completely opaque.

Voters of the Fifth District want answers.

During his tenure at Burson-Marsteller, through how many clients did Josh Gottheimer funnel money to the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation?
Did any of his clients that donated to the Clinton Foundation subsequently lobby the State Department during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State?
Will Josh Gottheimer share his Burson-Marsteller client list, so we know the specific special interests to which he is tied?