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OK how about those New Years Resolutions ?

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Don’t Be A Quitter!

Ridgewood NJ, Casting director Kelli Calabrese gives us her pitch on keeping your New Years Resolutions  and goal setting .

Calabrese says , “Do you know someone who sets a goal and runs after it with massive action? I have friends who act like androids continually crushing their goals and rising to the top at whatever they set out to do. I realize they are rare, however far too many give up too easily on their dreams.

A select few give their dreams their all. They are in the minority.

So what’s the difference between making excuses and quitting versus putting your head down and being fully sold out and attached to reaching the most excellent outcome?

You need to sell yourself. You need to sign yourself up fully for what ever it is that you want to do, be, have or give. Your belief in the outcome must be unshakable.

If you were Thomas Edison, would you have invented the lightbulb? Would you have failed over 1,000 times and kept believing it was possible and putting all of your resources into making it a reality?

The truth is that some of you already quit on your 2018 goals because you never fully believed it was possible. You might say that you want to lose weight or quit smoking or pay off debt or take that dream vacation, but do you know that you know that you know, deep in your soul that you will make it happen? Are you willing to invest the resources and do what ever is necessary to achieve it?

How can you increase your chances of achieving your 2018 goals?

Write them down, read them daily, make them public.
Build EXTRAORDINARY belief in yourself, your product or service and your ability to make it happen.
Recruit others to share the vision, advise, hold accountable, support and mentor you.
STOP making excuses. Once you complain or make excuses you have one foot on the breaks and are close to quitting.
Find someone doing what you want to do (or be or have or give) and duplicate their success.
Set up rewards along the way and have a celebration planned for when you achieve your goal. Recognition, fun and celebration make the hardness in transforming, stretching and growing more manageable.
Have a daily method of thinking and acting that moves you closer to your goal each day.

If someone quits after a month or 2 or 6 they weren’t truly committed. They didn’t even give the seeds of their work time to grow.

How could you expect someone else to commit and follow you when you weren’t TRULY committed?

The moment you recruit yourself is the moment when everything changes. It won’t typically happen right away but it will happen!

When your goals are achieved you will enjoy the sweet spot of your passion, purpose and profit coming together! It’s priceless”