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Council Candidate Jeff Voigt shared his thoughts on the “Whispering Woods hearing” last night

Jeff Voigt Ridgewood


March 31,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Council Candidate Jeff Voigt shared his thoughts on the “Whispering Woods hearing” last night . According to Jeff , “It was disappointing not many people showed up to the Whispering Woods hearing.  This is a huge issue for our Village – with the hospital and its environs effectively doubling in size.  My guess is that many people think this is a fait accompli and that Valley will get what they want.  It is not.   I also think many of the Villagers are likely tired of having to address one huge issue after another in our Village – parking, high density and now this.  This is very draining.   It was however, nice to see those Villagers who have spent a significant amount of time on this at the meeting – most importantly Pete McKenna for the Concerned Citizens of Ridgewood and Megan Fraser from Valley Hospital.”

Jeff continued , “If I was a betting man, my guess is that the planning board more than likely will vote in favor of the mediated agreement.  It will then become a draft ordinance which the Village council votes on.  Again there will be more hearings on this at the Council level.  If this draft ordinance is heard/evaluated by the current council, Albert Pucciarelli (one of the council members) has recused himself – leaving only 4 council members to vote.  Conceivably, this could result in a 2-2 vote.  My understanding is that a 2-2 tie means the ordinance would not pass.  We are therefore back to where we started with Valley possibly continuing with its lawsuit. Another possible scenario is that the evaluation of the draft ordinance does not occur until the new council comes in, in July.   My guess is that if the NJ Supreme Court judge who mediated this, understands the 2-2 conundrum, she will request it goes before the new council – so that a majority would result.   My thought/suggestion is that we need an educated community on this issue to help provide insights/inputs to the existing and 3 new council members.   Therefore it would be great if more of the Villagers could attend to present their comments and understand this.  Personally I am going to be at every one of these hearings in order to talk with others, listen and understand the issues, and ultimately figure out how best to move forward for the Village.”

the Ridgewood also asked Jeff about Councilwomen Gwen Hauck perceived conflict of interest with Valley Hospital Jeff said , “My guess is the Gwen’s conflict of interest  (even though I think there is one) ultimately will not matter in this.”  Jeff then emphasized, ”  I may have mentioned this to you previously, as it relates to my tenure with the Zoning board, if there is even a “whiff” of a conflict of interest, the board member will recuse themselves.  A perfect example of this is when our Chairman, Joel Torielli, recused himself a couple of years ago from one applicant hearing because his children and the applicant’s had several play dates – even though he did not know the applicant.  Additionally even if we live within a certain radius of an applicant and; we do not know them, we recuse ourselves (I have done this).   It just seems to me that the Council should be setting the example on how best to govern – and not have a “lesser” board showing the Council how to do so.”

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A Message From Council Candidate Jeff Voigt on the Valley Hospital Hearings

Jeff Voigt Ridgewood


Planning Board Amendent to Meeting Schedule – Special Public Meetings – March 30, 31 and  April 4,5,7

For complete details for the meeting schedule – Click Here

H Zone Proposed 2016 Master Plan –  Click Here for Document

H Zone Proposed 2016 Master Plan –Click Here for  Redline Document


Please view this video message from VC candidate Jeff Voigt and come out for the Valley Hospital Settlement hearings.

-Tonight at 7:30pm; Village Hall courtroom

· Thursday, March 31, 2016; 7:30pm, Student Center Ridgewood High School

· Monday, April 4, 2016; Village Hall Courtroom

· Tuesday, April 5, 2016; Village Hall Courtroom

· Thursday, April 7, 2016; Student Center Ridgewood High School

For more information or how to get involved please email or visit www.

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Council Candidate Jeff Voigt responds to Ridgewood blog Article on Financial Advisory Committee

Jeff Voigt Ridgewood

In response to 3/28 blog:  Readers say the Financial Advisory Committee is nothing more than a political action committee for the Council Majority.

While this blog may be correct in assuming that the finance board and the planning board are stacked with Aronsohn appointees that would approve his agenda,

there is a board that is not – the zoning board (quite possibly to Paul’s chagrin).  I have been a member of this board since 2011 and can confidently state that the decisions made by it are non-partisan in nature

and most always benefit the Village and the applicant.  The Chairman of this board, Joel Torielli, has done a wonderful job in ensuring the board deliberates in a fair an open manner.

It has been an absolute pleasure in working with all of them.  If there is a board which operates in a manner that benefits the public it is this one.   Lastly on a personal note, two of my campaign

team members, Wendy Dockray (planning board) and Sergio Alegre (zoning board and my campaign manager) work as part of the Village process and; are 2 of the most ethical people

I know.

Jeff Voigt

Candidate for Village Council

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Council Candidate Jeff Voigt Voices Concerns over the High Density Housing Proposals in Ridgewood

Jeff Voigt Ridgewood
March 15,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood asked for some feed back from the candidates on the March 9th “informational ” meeting with the Village Council on the high density housing projects for the central business district .

Council Candidate Jeff Voigt said ,  “I am concerned there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty around the school children projections.  The analysis done by BFJ planning makes the assumption that the mix of units in the new buildings will be the same as existing apartment inventory and then uses this assumption on what the number of students will be moving forward.   Since the builders can build whatever they want, this assumption should not be made.  As I had suggested at the meeting a sensitivity analysis should be done on the best and worst cases.  it is a relatively straight forward process and would provide us with the risk and costs of various scenarios and the likelihoods of these happening. ”

Jeff brought to mind another issue , “Another concern is that once these ordinances are approved, my guess is that the developers will start ASAP on building, considering their concern about the potential make-up of a new council.   This will make downtown a mess – with 4 potential large developments going up at once – the parking garage plus 3 multifamily developments.  In particular, the S. Broad St area is going to be impassible.   It would be nice to see the developers understand this and do their best to ensure the downtown is not disrupted. ”

Jeff went on to say that , the real estate agent (who stood up) expressing his concern about 55 students coming out of 70+ apartments.  This type of relationship also holds in the Ridge Apt’s where 37 children come out of 40 (2 bedroom) apartments. Since Ridgewood is a magnet town for education I can see many families moving into these apt just for the education – even in the one bedrooms.  If either of these scenarios plays out with the new developments – we could have 100+ children in our school system.   Not good.

He also added that , “The planning board needs to scrutinize the site plans for each of these developments very carefully considering each site plan should have a plan for how daily life/traffic is going to function while they put up their rather large edifices.   Stipulations made by the planning in their approval is going to be extremely important.”

Jeff also echoed the sentiment of many residents when he said the meeting ,”Overall, very disappointing”