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No Casinos for Bergen for Now


Xanadu remains a monument to greedy stupidity

No Casinos for Bergen for Now 

Sweeney says Atlantic City should keep Casino monopoly for now

State Senate President Stephen Sweeney has ruled out a casino in the Meadowlands for now,The Record reports.

Speaking in Atlantic City today, the powerful South Jersey Democrat said suggestions by other legislators that the time was right to start looking into the feasibility of a casino anywhere other than Atlantic City was harmful to that city’s ability to attract investors, the newspaper reported.

“Listen, as long as I’m alive and I’m the Senate president, we’re not moving [such bills],” the paper quoted Sweeney (D-Gloucester) as saying. “I made a deal, and my word is good. We’ll talk about it after the five years. That’s when we would start having a discussion” about whether casino gambling can take place elsewhere than in Atlantic City.

Sweeney was among several elected officials at a news conference during which they voiced strong support to New Jersey’s ’s bid to overturn a federal law that has allowed just casinos in Nevada to accept bets on sporting events. (Khavkine/Star-Ledger)