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Reader says taxpayers pay for the “red shirting” in Ridgewood


Redshirting is the practice of postponing entrance into kindergarten of age-eligible children in order to allow extra time for socioemotional, intellectual, or physical growth. This occurs most frequently where children’s birthdays are so close to the cut-off dates that they are very likely to be among the youngest in their kindergarten class. ( )


A gifted athlete will always shine. Parents hold back because they think that one more year will make their kid a gifted athlete. Doesn’t work that way.

A ridgewood parent held his son back because the boy was small. Got news for them, dad is small too. One year won’t make him taller.

I have heard of parents holding back in 8th grade. Manipulating the system. And yes, taxpayers pay for the red shirting. One year 2 eighth grade best friends were magically held back at the expense of taxpayers. I don’t know if the gamble paid off. Never saw the names in the sports pages.

Do you think all day K will stop this problem? It is just another gift for a minority of taxpayers. Taxes are the gift that keep on giving.