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Reader says , “It’s no more Village it’s turning into a city”

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“To my fellow residents what the hell is going to happen another 3 to 5 years in the village of Ridgewood with all this expense. The services are not the same they are dwindling little by little. All village departments are short on staffing. Yes we have great school system great police fire EMTs sanitation recycling do a great job but come on, the village Ridgewood It’s not what are used to be. It’s no more Village it’s turning into a city”

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PILOT: The Not-For-Profit Hospital Community Contribution bill


My Bill Fair to Both Non-Profit Hospitals and Host Municipalities

As the last legislative session concluded, I diligently worked on enacting a piece of legislation that will benefit my constituents – and the greater Newark area – by providing additional economic support to municipalities, increased cost certainty to non-profit hospitals, as well as maintaining the existing property tax exemption. Eliana Pintor Marin, PolitickerNJ Read more