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So the question remains for the Ridgewood School System ; who knew ,when did they know and why did they not act?


November 13,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood High School “ANTI BULLYING POLICY” was adapted in 2016 , it has very clear rolls for students , parents and staff, While the kids involved in the incident have gotten all the attention , the little public information that is available about the incident and what led up to the incident would lead anyone to suspect the Ridgewood High School anti bullying policy , despite years of finger wagging was not followed and it appears that not only were students documented to be in violation of the policy but clearly so were some staff and parents .

So the question remains ; who knew ,when did they know and why did they not act?

Roll of the Staff

Staff must promote and reinforce the notions that IT IS SAFE TO TELL and IT IS EASY TO TELL because the school finds bullying behaviour harmful and unacceptable – this message is supported by the high value placed on Children’s Rights and the Anti-bullying pledge. Staff must always listen effectively and non-judgementally when children are trying to communicate about a bullying issue, and through training and support, be fully aware of strategies that might be usefully employed in response.  Senior staff and pastoral staff, have a particular responsibility to support colleagues in dealing with incidents of bullying.  Consideration must also be given to individual needs and circumstances.

Staff are given regular training through whole staff, House and Sharing meetings.  This includes updates in policy, curriculum or legislation.  Specific training information, findings from surveys and work with children is disseminated to staff on Inset days.

Ridgewood High School will support staff’s needs for in-service training to help ensure that anti-bullying strategies are effective, and raise awareness of possible bullying risks and vulnerable groups/individuals.

Staff should always consider their responsibility as role models and subsequently go about their duties in an anti-oppressive manner.

School staff are on duty around the college before school, during break & lunch and after school.  Support and Guidance staff must be informed of bullying incidents or concerns to ensure accurate recording and monitoring.  Support and Guidance staff will work together with form tutors and other relevant staff to ensure effective intervention.

Reporting of incidents should be recorded on SIMS as bullying incidents. A log should also be made on the victims Behaviour log.  The Support and Guidance team, including Heads of House will ensure that form tutors are informed and able to monitor and support children daily. They may also decide that extra support is needed from Heads of House, Support and Guidance or Peer Mentors. However, form tutors are normally the first line of support and daily contact for children experiencing difficulties.

Parents/carers must be informed of their child’s involvement in any incidents of bullying behaviour and strategies put in place by the member of staff dealing with the incident/s.

Bullying of or by school staff whether by children, parents or staff must be reported to the relevant line manager and Head Teacher.  Matters should be dealt in line with relevant discipline policy guidelines.

Roll of the parents or Guardians

The parent/carer is vital in the implementation of this policy.  Sometimes a child will not inform school staff if they are being bullied but will inform their parent or other family member.  When this is done the parent/carer is expected to contact the form tutor or a member of the Support and Guidance team team to discuss the incident to enable staff to deal with the issue.

A parent/carer may also see changes at home that may possibly indicate that bullying is taking place.  It is again vital that the parent communicates with school staff with any concerns.

Anti-bullying information is passed onto parents throughout their child’s time at Ridgewood; general information at induction evening, displays at parent events, newsletter articles and e-safety awareness sessions.

The parent/carer of a student displaying bullying behaviour must be contacted by school staff and then, if necessary invited into the school to discuss the behaviour shown by their child.  It is also essential that the

parent/carer of the student doesn’t feel isolated and that they are also getting support in ensuring that the behaviour is not repeated.

Parents/carers must be informed of any bullying issues and informed of any interventions.