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“No to Washington Township DPW”

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Twp. of Washington NJ, in march the Ridgewood blog wrote that the Twp. of Washington Department of Public Works may finally have a new home at the site of a former Charlie Brown’s restaurant. A bond ordinance to appropriate $1.35 million to buy 95 Linwood Avenue. was introduced this month. The final hearing for the ordinance will take place at a future council meeting.

Apparently many Paramus and Twp of Washington residents have had just about enough of the massive over development taking place in the Borough and Township and have decided to fight back . A petition is circulating on ( )

The petition reads:

To the Residents of Washington Township, Paramus and surrounding area: 

Please sign this petition to stop the purchase of Charlie Brown’s on Linwood Ave in Washington Township. The township council is trying to build a DPW in a residential neighborhood. This land grab will devistate the quality of life, further complicate traffic, and decrease property values. Signing this petition is your chance to protect what you value.

Your quality of life will be diminished by their reckless construction. Do you enjoy quiet nights, Saturday mornings walks, or a valued neighbor? Well all of that will go away with this DPW site. Quiet nights will be eliminated because DPW trucks will be rumbling through small residential streets and peaceful neighborhoods. Trucks that will easily exceed 85 decibels. What was the towns response to this? “Well take pictures and we will speak to our drivers”. Your Saturdays will be changed as cars/trucks line up along all the streets around Linwood Ave to use the “dump”. Every Saturday from 9am to 1pm…the roads will be clogged and your privacy invaded. Lights from the DPW and it trucks will glow for hours. Wildlife (squirrels, deer and wild turkeys) will suffer from lack of habitat. A Montessori school had proposed to buy the CB site. Granted not a family restaurant but a place for children to learn, standard hours of operation and a generator of tax revenue.    

Have you traveled Linwood Avenue? Linwood Avenue at Charlie Brown’s is not the site to house a DPW. Housing a DPW will cause irreparable harm to the area. Building the DPW will further complicate the traffic because of school bus stops, dangerous intersections and increased vehicle use. You may not be aware but some students have their bus stop on Linwood Avenue. Imagine your child boarding/exiting the school bus and having to contend with large construction trucks every morning or afternoon. Linwood Avenue has numerous dangerous intersections like Highland Ave, Pascack Rd, Hemlock Dr, Rose Ct, Parkway Ct and Ridgewood Rd. Ever try to make a left off or onto one of the streets? It is “white knuckle” time. In no way or manner will a DPW help this situation with their monster trucks. I am sure you are aware there are no traffic lights at any of those intersections. The town bought property without do a traffic study. What township decides to purchase/build on a site without a prior traffic study? If lights were to be installed, traffic would be snarled from Route 17 to Pascack Road. No one wants that.

Property values will be diminished with the construction of this eye sore. Even by the town councils own admission – values would decrease. The people of Washington Township, Paramus and surrounding area knew what Charlie Brown’s was/is a family restaurant which was often frequented by friends, families and local teams. It was a friendly place to watch a game, share a memory and bring in revenue. However, a DPW will be a blight on the area and according to the town council “they will make it look as pretty as possible”. Well as one local resident commented, “like putting lipstick on a pig…in the end it is still a pig”. Another example of the town councils hubris is their own designer said the site “doesn’t really fit because it is triangular”. Well if it doesn’t fit….maybe you shouldn’t build it. Protect what you have earned and worked hard for.   

In conclusion, this is your chance to protect your town and region. Please do not get this wrong. In no way is this a an attempt to “dump” it in someone else’s yard. However, you don’t try to solve one problem by making a bigger problem. The town council should use due diligence and find an alternative that is not on someone else’s property. Please prevent this land grab!

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