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Village Council looks to Promote Ridgewood’s Tree Canopy : Holding Developers Accountable for the Treescape

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Ridgewood NJ, the Village Council is proposing some changes to the Villages shrub and tree ordinance . The stated purpose is that the Council of the Village of Ridgewood is desirous of minimizing the indiscriminate removal and cutting of trees upon lots , parcels and tracks of land within the Village which can result in increased stormwater runoff , soil erosion and decreased groundwater recharge …

And here is the interesting part: When trees must be removed the intent of this ordinance is to provide for the planting of replacement trees in the place of those lost trees , no necessarly in kind or in the same site but somewhere throughout the Village…


Ordinance 3900 – Amend Chapter 260, Trees and Shrubs

Ordinance 3901 – Amend Chapter 145, Fees – Trees and Shrubs


6 thoughts on “Village Council looks to Promote Ridgewood’s Tree Canopy : Holding Developers Accountable for the Treescape

  1. The first thing my new neighbors did upon arriving from NYC was to cut down all their trees, and bushes along the border to maximize use of their small property.
    The second order of business was to install a huge outdoor swing/playset, which was used once.
    The place looks like the arizona desert

    1. Very common. It’s happening all over the place. This type of people dream of a white picket fence property with a lush lawn and no greenery or shade nearby and where kids and their gazillion dogs can play all day like the type they see in certain pockets of Brooklyn or Queens or in some pet movie. They are complete idi.0ts who even though consider global warming the biggest threat to humanity won’t even blink when axing 70-100 year old trees. On the same line of thought they install solar panels in their roof and cut everything in sight so they can get max sun exposure. It is them who are the biggest threat to the suburbs. Completely rabid and irrational in their thinking. I shiver every time a house goes for sale in the neighborhood.
      Certain areas of town now look just like typical NYC neighborhoods. And it will get much worse.

  2. $500 plus 50??

  3. Just received this in my email and couldn’t believe my eyes.
    “Effective May 3, 2022, the Village of Ridgewood has a new tree ordinance, which requires a permit to remove trees on your private property and replacement of those trees. Please see a copy of the ordinance, attached to this E-Notice.”
    It is a bit late but better late than never. I hope they enforce this ordinance even though I have seen the town use almost daily Downes service to kill mature trees on curbside that are perfectly healthy for God knows what reason. Without trees this town is nothing more than a somewhat upscale NYC neighborhood. Let all your neighbors know so everybody keeps an eye out for the crazies who are insulted by trees but “love the environment”.

  4. Well let see.. they don’t enforce LOTS of ordinances…
    If you get a ticket for taking down your tree, just take a drive around town, look at all the illegal basketball nets hanging over the street for starters. Give the town the addresses ask WHY they get a pass>
    You’ll have a great lawsuit for ‘selective enforcement’ (kinda like when someone’s ‘wall’ was ignored)

    1. they don’t enforce the prohibition of plastic garbage bags on the curb
      This place is getting GROSS

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