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Ramsey Doubles Down on Gun Range Ban


Posted by Alexander Roubian 176sc on February 22, 2017 · Add your reaction

The Ramsey Town Council is doubling down on its attempt to ban gun ranges. Our threat of an immediate lawsuit still stands and we will make good on our promise if the ordinance passes. The bad news for Ramsey is that the odds that they succeed in court are slim.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Ramsey story, you can read a refresher here. Ramsey is trying to pass an ordinance that would ban firing a gun anywhere inside the town, with no exceptions. This would have the effect of banning all gun ranges.  This would prevent a gun range that has already been approved for construction from being operational. They couldn’t manage to stop the physical building, so now they’re telling the gun range owners, “You can have your range, but you can’t use it.” There’s just one problem with this.

4 thoughts on “Ramsey Doubles Down on Gun Range Ban

  1. Wait till people find out there’s a gun range in the village.

  2. If the one in town (that was here long before the loud mouth new residents ) allowed larger caliber I’d join

  3. It’s simply the leftist mentality of thinking that it’s a step in the right direction of eliminating firearms. The thinking that anyone who enjoys using a firearm is somehow unbalanced.

  4. The link sends you to a website owned by the same group attempting to get the firing rang approved. The language is misleading and if you join their group, you are entered into a free drawing to win a gun. Did someone say gun toting yahoo?

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