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Reader calls illicit affair disgraceful


This is disgraceful, embarrassing for Ridgewood but not surprising from the 2 involved. Together they made some of the worse decisions that will effect Ridgewood forever, they embarrassed tax payers who disagreed with them, they berated and judged and turned their backs on friends and now they are gone and the hits still keep coming. Time to move out you two and leave us all alone

11 thoughts on “Reader calls illicit affair disgraceful

  1. He looks much worse for the wear now.

  2. They are not going to move. Their collective arrogance could sink the Titanic. They feel completely entitled to stay in the town that they shit all over.

  3. Two pieces of sh$t!

  4. Hope they put their houses on the market and move away, whether separately or together. If I ever see either of them again I may vomit on the sidewalk.

  5. You reap what you sow.

  6. Paul is our past ..let’s deal with the developers and the other Budget Busting Hero’s and their developers about to crush the whole town ,it’s roadways ,schools and our families security and valued way of life..

  7. Oh for God’s sake. Yes, the two made horrible decisions for Ridgewood. They virtually ruined Ridgewood, but read John Updike. Adultery in the suburbs is as common as fast food joints. Yes, it’s wrong, but sometimes the adulterers, find a new love and divorce their original spouses and remarry or live together forever.

    I think having sex before marriage is wrong too; it used to be thought that way. Let’s not keep throwing stones at these two people for reasons of adultery.

  8. People are not pissed off that the two of them are banging each other. Let them have at it. People are pissed off because if they were doing so when they ran on the same ticket, then this is completely unethical. And if they were doing so after they got elected and sat on the dais together, this is completely unethical. And Paulie boy knows a thing of two about ethics violations.

  9. Is it legally unethical? Really. If so citizens can file a complaint, or sue or whatever the legal term is, prosecute, whatever. You don’t need Mayor Hache or council members to do so. Do you?

    So get involved with the law rather than prosecuting them on the blog so much.

    But I really don’t get it. What if members on the council become personal friends. I would guess that happens. Is that unethical, illegal too.

    So council members should live in a bubble so as not to be influenced by one another, huh? Ha ha

    What I’m sayin is I would believe that Paul and Gwenn favored multifamily housing for Ridgewood regardless of their friendship.

  10. So unethical! So embarrassing! Ha but they don’t care about the town or the tax payers only their self serving selves I mean who would do this to their own families. So close to home in the town you grew up in and where your children are, family members. Your parents! . Selfish.

    Change the name of that park that was sold for millions not donated!!!!

  11. Happy my daughter has morals

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