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Reader implies New Jersey is an, ” Embarrassment”

GTY clown gathering main jef

“Trenton Democrats continually waste OUR TAX DOLLARS on this kind of garbage! Always playing dirty politics instead of working to lower our taxes, cut spending and implement the services they are suppose to be doing for the citizens of NJ!!
How about using Our Tax Dollars on actually maintaining our roads, bridges & seeing to it that our Governor, Mayors etc are “ upholding the rule of law..” such as immigration laws. They should be cutting funding given to illegals living in sanctuary cities in NJ at tax payers expense!! Overturning Gov’s Free Community college for illegals causing s greater burden on many families that can’t afford to send their own children to those same colleges!!
No instead Trenton Democrats choose to waste time & OUR money making a political blunder that will cost We the Taxpayers legal fees, court cases and frankly more embarrassment then they all do already!!!”

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