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Reader says Like Clock Work Valley Starts Traffic Study


Reader says Like Clock Work Valley Starts Traffic Study

Valley Hospital is doing their traffic study this morning at Van Dien and Red Birch. The end of a vacation week and on a Sunday. Come on, do they really think residents are that stupid?

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6 thoughts on “Reader says Like Clock Work Valley Starts Traffic Study

  1. They might not have thought the residents were stupid before but comments like this may convince them otherwise.

    When exactly should they do the work to set up the study? In the middle of a shift change and drop-off on a Monday morning?

    Traffic studies take days. They might as well not create traffic by setting it up while the streets are busy.

  2. So you are saying any statistics they try to use from the weekend are not relevant. They were just setting up their equipment.

  3. Going through the motion to make it look good.

  4. In the past, Valley has conducted traffic studies during school breaks which made the results suspect.

    I would like to see the Village do a more comprehensive traffic study that looks beyond the intersection of LInwood and Van Dien. The study should consider the hundreds of cars that make illegal turns on to local side streets to avoid Linwood/VanDien. I would like the traffic study to determine why traffic backs up nearly a mile from Linwood between Paramus Rd and the hospital on a daily basis. The study should look into vehicle speed, especially when shifts change. and the impact that other projects before the Board will have on traffic. Most of all, I would like the study to determine the impact that a five story parking garage with 1000+ additional parking spaces will have on traffic.

  5. I saw them do a study when schools were closed last year. They had people counting cars at some intersections. Bet the traffic was low.

    When they present charts the supporting data should be provided. The dates and locations of their counts are important.

  6. The “traffic study” done by Valley’s “experts” was a joke. Why will this be any different ?

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