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>Reader says more language programs are needed in our Schools

>Reader says more language programs are needed in our Schools 

I believe that Spanish should still be taught in Grades K-5, since it is our nation’s de facto 2nd language. I think that the current elementary school Spanish program, which relies on computer-based instruction, is weak, and needs significant improvement. Primary (K-8) education should be done in English, so that the students acquire solid reading, spelling, and writing skills. I would advocate bringing Mandarin into the picture as a 3rd language in middle school or high school (on top of English and Spanish).

Kids in Europe are required to learn multiple languages in school. I don’t see why our kids shouldn’t. A trilingual kid looks a lot better on a college application or resume than a kid who can only speak English. Obviously this will cost money to implement. However, you could shift money out of athletics, phys ed, or administration to get it done. Swapping gym teachers or vice principals for Mandarin teachers would be a great investment in our kids’ futures.

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