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Reader says Please remember the only reason this HealthBarn nightmare is in this park is because of the past council and Roberta

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She was open Saturday BEFORE any power was restored to Hillcrest rd. She had a large birthday party where I am sure she made a pretty penny as neighbors huddled their own children under blankets and froze while their tax dollars paid for the generators, the employees who got them up and running and I am sure the gas.
And no matter who did it or allowed it Please remember the only reason this nightmare is in this park is because of the past council and Roberta
And there is NO WAY in hell no matter what our Mayors relationship is with Stacy Antoine, Stacy would NEVER give up a birthday party or class to welcome neighbors in!
She has filed police reports against neighbors and has one filed against her for because of the way she treats the neighbors. This is not on the mayor but on the business owner and past council only. #knowthefacts

14 thoughts on “Reader says Please remember the only reason this HealthBarn nightmare is in this park is because of the past council and Roberta

  1. Do not vote for Alexandra Harwin or you will get more of the same.

  2. Stacy Antine – we do not want you DESTROYING THE TRANQUILITY OF THIS residential neighborhood! Get your business out of there now and relocate it to the Central Business District.

  3. How did the past council arrange for generators to be installed last week ?

    Facts are critical Let’s find out what current council member approved the generator install

    Bottom line This council can’t own or lead or any major issue facing the village

  4. Want to know how you tell the current do-nothing council has had a bad week? This photo is on the landing page of this blog. “Don’t be mad about our lack of performance, stay mad at people that aren’t even on the ballot.”

  5. Grotesque and patent misuse of village manager’s position by R. Sonenfeld.

  6. A breath of fresh air corruption

  7. The generators were there for 12hours…we are stuck with the business for 6 years

    This lease needs to be addressed

  8. Soccer games create more noise and issues than health barn. At least it is revenue generating for the village. Not sure how that is a bad thing. Once again, a few people trying to ruin a good thing and divide the community.

  9. Taxpayer, 8:10p,, in three years, how much money did the village spend on upgrades and how much revenue was generated?
    In prior 3 years, how much revenue was generated by a normal rental and how much money did the village spend on upgrades?

  10. 8:10 – apparently you don’t attend or watch the council meetings. There was a HUGE group of people who attended those meetings about Health Barn. And we got to witness Gwenn Hauck ridiculing some of them from the dais.

  11. Ms Harwin has removed her membership from a Facebook Page that was asking legitimate questions about her appearance at RHS yesterday. She does not want to see what people are saying. She does not want to respond to people’s concerns. What a gal. She surely does not think she can represent the entire village if she is only willing to hear what her supporters have to say.

  12. 8;10 again get facts. You obviously know nothing.

    The soccer games are for ridgewood residents and the team they host. They do not cost tax payers money.

  13. 8:10. Really!!!! It’s not about noise it is about principle. Go to a meeting and get clued in we as tax payers are supporting a private business This business does nothing for Ridgewood except pay rent!

  14. 8:10 – a few people? The Habernickle posse is pretty freaking huge. And outspoken. And they are RIGHT

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