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Ridgewood School District Facilities Projects Continue to Move Forward

photos courtesy of the Ridgewood School System

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, as previously reported by the Ridgewood blog, the Ridgewood School district has undertaken 3 major Summer Facilities Projects ; Orchard School Soil Remediation, RHS Gym 3 Floor Remediation and  Replacement  and Stevens Field Turf Replacement .  All three appear to be making good progress .

Orchard School Soil Remediation Project

The Orchard School soil remediation project began the week of July 13. At this time, all of the preliminary surveying has been completed, and the silt fencing has been installed. The contractor has been working around the building, the playground area, and the perimeter of the property. Earthmoving equipment and trucks have arrived, and the next phase of the project is expected to move quickly.

Ridgewood High School Gym 3 Floor Remediation and Replacement Project

The remediation phase of the Gym 3 floor work is complete. The materials for the installation of the new flooring are expected to arrive in the first week of August, and the installation of the flooring should take approximately two weeks.

Stevens Field Turf Replacement Project

The Stevens Field turf replacement project began with the removal and disposal of the turf. The new turf has been delivered, and the anticipated schedule of the project is as follows:

7/20-7/22: Install Netting Foundations

7/23-7/25: Regrade Field and Inspect

7/30: Turf Delivery and Layout

7/31-8/3: Turf Sewing

8/4-8/7: Turf Inlays

8/10-8/13: Turf Infill

8/14-8/17: Walkthrough/Punch List

2 thoughts on “Ridgewood School District Facilities Projects Continue to Move Forward

  1. That Orchard remediation project must be in it’s 7th year already….

  2. Let the new developers of the in town faulty towers pay a surcharge for the schools for a minimum of 10 years.

    We built them . They collect rent
    and pay their bills why not hit the new developments with a 10 year surge surcharge for schools

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