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Ridgewood’s New Crossing Guard Program

ridgewood crossing guards

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September 3,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, New Crossing Guard Program is Outlined in Letter from Dr. Fishbein and Police Chief Luthcke
Click below to read a letter to parents and guardians issued September 1, regarding the new service that will assist the Ridgewood Police Department with providing adult school crossing guards through the Village.

“The Village of Ridgewood is pleased to announce its recent agreement with All City Management Services, Inc. (ACMS) to provide Adult School Crossing Guard services throughout the Village. There are currently employment opportunities available for individuals who would like to work on a flexible schedule as substitute Crossing Guards or for those who would like to work toward becoming a regular guard. Crossing Guards work a short shift before and after school and receive compensation of $35 per day. If you would like more information on serving as a School Crossing Guard for the Village of Ridgewood, please contact Area Supervisor Gene Raffa at (201) 218.4615.”

2 thoughts on “Ridgewood’s New Crossing Guard Program

  1. This issue has NOTHING to do with the BOE. Why wasn’t the letter sent out under the Chief of Police’s letterhead without Fishbum’s signature?

  2. yeah now who are we going to get, the pay went to shit. be for we new who was working at the school’s.this is not time we will all see.

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