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Scrabble Hacks that Will Help You Win Every Time


Scrabble is a very popular choice of the board throughout the country because it’s a perfect marriage of three things: board gamery, language, and of course strategy. However, it’s not easy winning this game, especially if you’re completely new or otherwise lack experience that your opponents have. If this is the case, or you simply want to win at any cost, rest assured we have a plan for you. In this article, we’ve set aside not one, not two, but eight Scrabble Hacks that will help you win every time, much to the dismay of your opponents. 

Add an “S” to Create Two Words

One of the easiest and probably most familiar scrabble hacks are to add the letter “s” to the end of a word that already exists on the board to pluralize it all the while creating an entirely new word. This scrabble hack is also the most hated one by the opponent as they are losing easy points by not paying attention. The game itself only contains four “s” tiles which make it able to calculate the amount of 10 points you will be earning by simply adding a single letter to the end of an already existing word. It’s worth considering for its simplicity.

Add Prefixes and Suffixes

One of the keys to ensuring Scrabble’s success is to know the words with prefixes and suffixes because it will allow you to piggyback on the scores of your opponents. Some of the most common examples of prefixes and suffixes are -ing, -ed, -ily, -ent, iest, -ful, -ity, -cy, -ness, -ion, -ite for the suffixes, and non-, ex-, pre-, mis-, etc., for the prefixes. For example, if you add the suffix -ily to an already existing word “luck”, you will score more points. These hack concerning prefixes and suffixes can also come in handy if you’re going for a Scrabble Bingo.

Aim For the Bonus Tiles

If you are new to Scrabble, or you’re having a bad day and you aren’t able to get a word that has a high score, you should focus on spots called bonus tiles. You may be wondering how is this a good Scrabble hack if you can’t produce any good words, but stay with me! This hack aims to prevent your opponents from running up the score because you will be effectively cutting them off. It’s worth noting that this requires some basic skills such as utilizing the double letter, triple letter, triple word spaces, and double words.


The hook is a colloquial name for single letters you can add to already existing words to make entirely new ones. Let us look at some of the examples: host into a ghost, ride into a bride, come into the comet, etc. This is a particularly useful hack if you have never played Scrabble before, but have in mind that if you have very experienced opponents they might not let you get away with it easily. Furthermore, pay special attention to words that could include letters such as “r”, “d”, “e”, and “y” on the end such as handy, tamed, tamer, planer, and similar.

New Age Hacks

If you’re already familiar with more classic Scrabble hacks, you might be looking for new ones to implement. Luckily for you, not everyone had this one particular hack up their sleeve before, so you’re guaranteed to win plenty of points. This Scrabble hack includes using a word finder such as unscramble me to make sense of your letter pool and produce the longest word. More often than not Scrabble players don’t realize that they have a winning shot because they aren’t able to come up with a word from the many letters, making this hack an absolute lifesaver.

Learn Some Quirky Words

Scrabble is one of the best ways to improve your language knowledge. It also can be the most savage and nerve-wracking activity if you’re very competitive. If you’ve recognized yourself in the last sentence, boy do we have an annoying hack for you. One of the highest-scoring letters – “q” almost always comes before the letter “u”, but since the game only has four “u” tiles, you need a diversion. This means learning the “q-without-u” words such as faqir, qintar, qanat, sheqel, qwerty, etc. if you want to win.

Some Letters Are More Important

The English alphabet consists of 26 letters, and you might think all of them are equally important when playing Scrabble. This can’t be further from the truth as some of the letters are used more often than others. These letters are “a”, “e”, “l”, “i”, “t”, “s”, “r”, and “n”. This hack is particularly handy if you generally have a rough time coming up with words, especially long ones, or if you’re very intent on beating your opponents. Make sure you remember them correctly as having one or more of them on your deck can boost your score quickly.

Save Up For Double/Triple Points

In addition to manipulating the letter “q” by learning the specific “q-without-u” words in order to gain a bigger score, there are other ways to get big points on the board. This includes using the letters “x”, “j”, and “z”. These letters will be much easier to use than the aforementioned words beginning with a letter “q” because they are much more commonly used in the English Language. It is also important to know that if you use them in the right spaces such as double letter, double word, triple letter, triple words, you can score as much as double and even triple-digit points in just one round.

One way to be more strategic about the placement of letters is to use a free online tool, Unscrambled Words. This is different from a regular anagram solver because you can select one of the drop-down options like “starts with”, “ends with”, or “contains” specific letters in order. This is beneficial if you know that you want to play a specific letter on a tile that earns double or triple points.

Scrabble is a complex game that requires a lot of knowledge, strategic thinking, and competitiveness, especially if you’re playing against experienced players from your friend group or family. If you’ve always had trouble winning and generally coming up with the words, we strongly suggest you implement these Scrabble hacks to ensure you indeed have a winning strategy. While many of them are fairly old school, using programs to generate names from a pool of letters is the latest and most convenient Scrabble hack that will land you that win you’ve been waiting for for a long time.

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