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7 Reasons Why Having a Good Vocabulary Matters

One issue for many is having a poor vocabulary. It may be that a person had a poor education or struggled with learning. Let’s take a look at the issues this can create and the benefits of making a change in this area.

1.Improved Communication

If someone has a limited stock of words from which to choose, they will battle to express themselves. At a young age, a child might tell their parents they are sad or feel unhappy, but may fall silent when pressed for more information. In turn, these limitations can express themselves in relationship struggles and poor social skills. 

2.Word Games Can Be Fun

Games like Scrabble or Words With Friends are the ultimate nightmare for anyone who struggles with their vocabulary. There’s nothing worse than being with friends who suddenly suggest playing a word game if it will mean your limitations will be on public display.

Word games such as Scrabble are often played on boards, although these days many are also played online. There are also related websites such as this tool which scrambles or unscrambles words. It can help people find words out of a list of scrambled letters and increases their chances when playing word games. Whilst it could be viewed as a cheat, it also provides an even playing field for all. Strugglers can begin to enjoy these games and discover a fun way to learn more words. 

3.Increased Self-Confidence

Imagine having a limited vocabulary, and being asked ‘what do you think?’ in front of a group of people. Such people wish they could crawl away and hide. If someone struggles to read or write they will feel inferior, and possessors of a ‘guilty secret’. They might keep asking themselves, ‘Why am I different from everyone else?’ People possessing a greater vocabulary feel more self-assured and don’t shy away from speaking and expressing their opinions publicly. 


4.Improved Work Prospects

According to the famous researcher Johnson O’Connor, ‘a person’s vocabulary level is the best single predictor of occupational job success’. A poorly completed job application may exclude the applicant from reaching the next level. It will be hard to shine at a job interview if one struggles for words, too. It has been said that the two key factors of any manager are the ability to think and to communicate. A greater stock of words will assist in this process. 


5.People Think More of You

A person’s worth should never be based upon their academic ability. Sadly, people frequently judge a book by its cover. If someone is only able to use the most basic words they will be viewed as unintelligent, even if the opposite is true. This is because people are more likely to notice a person’s limitations than their potential. If a person receives a good education, they are more likely to be well-informed about national and international matters. Contrast this to someone who avoids newspapers because of the difficult words, or ignores the TV news because it is largely confusing. 

6.It’s Easier to Learn

Anyone who understands almost all of the words used in a document or conversation will have a higher level of comprehension. The words will have been largely familiar, so more information will be retained. Contrast this to someone who almost feels like they’re listening to a foreign language. 

Students who possess a large stock of words are more likely to attain higher grades at school and university. They will actually be enabled to process information faster, think outside the box and understand concepts.

7.It’s Easier to Write

Many people take for granted the ability to write letters or post things on Facebook. Book lovers may even venture into publishing or blogging online. 

Sadly, anyone with a limited vocabulary will struggle to read and write. They may take twice as long as someone else to put something down on paper. Spellcheck is a great help on phones and computers, but people who really struggle will want to avoid both these platforms. 

As we can see, there are many benefits to having an improved vocabulary. The communication process becomes simplified, and learning through word games becomes fun. People become more self-confident and find it easier to ‘land that dream job’. The opinions of others rise with each improvement that is made, and learning and writing lose its scary nature. 

It’s well worth taking courses and receiving extra help where needed. Books can become a source of real pleasure too. 

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