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Senator Bob Menendez Is Under Investigation For Sordid Ethics Violations


Senator Robert Menendez, at Ridgewood REORG photo by Boyd Loving
Senator Bob Menendez Is Under Investigation For Sordid Ethics Violations
Agence France Press Feb. 7, 2013, 10:42 AM | 2,508 | 9

A U.S. Senate ethics panel is reviewing claims the head of the Foreign Relations Committee accepted inappropriate gifts from a Florida donor who flew him to the Dominican Republic, lawmakers said Friday.

U.S. media reported that the FBI conducted a raid on Tuesday on the West Palm Beach offices of Salomon Melgen, a friend who has made financial contributions to the political campaigns of Democratic Senator Robert Menendez.

The Miami Herald said investigators were probing the eye doctor’s links to Menendez, and how he flew the senator on his own private jet for a pair of trips to his estate in the Dominican Republic.

“The Ethics Committee will follow its established procedures in this matter,” panel member Senator Johnny Isakson said in a statement.

Lawmakers are launching a preliminary investigation, but the panel does not confirm its probes due to confidentiality concerns.

On Wednesday, Menendez issued a statement denying allegations that he and Melgen had held parties with prostitutes.

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4 thoughts on “Senator Bob Menendez Is Under Investigation For Sordid Ethics Violations

  1. Every time I see a picture of Aronsohn or other Village Council members inappropriately associated with a story about the Menendez scandal I wonder whether the Ridgewood Blog can be held liable for a defamation of character suit. Maybe James should reconsider his fast and loose practices on this Blog, in favor of more responsible behavior???

  2. Perhaps the council should have thought of that before you invited the Senator ?

  3. Really James??? That is the best response you can come up with?

    Are yous suggesting that Village Council member knew anything about his alleged violations? If you want to post something about Menendez, that is fine. But, if you are going to show a picture, have the decency to show a picture of Menendez or someone related related to the story, not an unrelated member of Ridgewood’s Village Council.

  4. #1 you must be joking ,the council members are public figures nothing they can do the pics clearly show Menendez swearing in the Village Council members .

    The Council members clearly defamed the Village by inviting this character into the Village ,they deserve what they get ,keep up the good work PJ

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