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Soil From Downtown Multi Housing Site Continues to be Disposed of at Schedler

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Ridgewood NJ, apparently it’s “No dumping” unless you’re unloading soil for a developer. Soil from downtown multi housing site continues to be disposed of at Schedler.

The soil, which residents were told was for a berm along 17 North, now covers most of the 7 acre property and is piled up to 8ft high. The destruction of American History, vegetation, nature and wildlife by soil suffocation?

Why was $99,000 of taxpayers money spent to clean up this site last year? What happened to the Village tying ribbons around the trees and claims of forest preservation?

27 thoughts on “Soil From Downtown Multi Housing Site Continues to be Disposed of at Schedler

  1. When I asked an official at village hall about this he told me that this soil will be used to build a burm between Rt 17 and the property

  2. This Council saw the clear cutting through, just not in the ole traditional way. Spin Masters 🙁

  3. And how do we know if this dirt is not contaminated. We all would like to see the inspection certificate. It should be posted on the board at that site. From our investigation all kinds of dirt soil rock are being transported from many different locations. And we have all the problems they are now. We have a water ponding which we never had before We have mosquitoes breeding there now.

  4. There was never ponding of water in the woods?
    There were never mosquitoes breeding there?
    You have a legitimate question about the quality of the dirt being dumped.
    Don’t mess up that point with hyperbole.

  5. Ridgewood Taxpayer, of course the area had SOME ponding water and mosquitoes. This dumping has multiplied the some to astronomical and potential health hazard. Common sense…

  6. To the first comment, this amount of soil and deforestation surpasses the TALE that the soil was being brought for a berm along 17N side.

  7. Just a few months ago residents complained about the shady activity at Schedler. Knudsen’s response to Friends of Schedler Facebook page below (In hindsight, not so true).

    Just a few months ago residents complained about the shady activity at Schedler. Knudsen’s response to Friends of Schedler Facebook page below (In hindsight, not so true).

    “Posting as Deputy Mayor Knudsen: Last year we worked to find FREE clean fill to create a berm along route 17 to create a visual barrier from the highway. …A site visit was conducted yesterday – with Susan Knudsen, Mike Sedon, Chris R, and Jovan M. The only trees removed were those in the area of the planned berm and only those necessary to make space for the clean soil.

    This is really an exciting opportunity to significantly improve the quality of life for area residents by shielding the WSRR corridor from the detriments of Route 17.”

    She should have stated the only trees being removed AT THIS TIME and space for soil is the entire parcel.

  8. The picture shows mountains of soil right behind the historical house, which is the main entrance to park. From the previous comment, I guess the location of berm, saving of trees and soil use changed. Picture clearly shows trees and vegetation being slaughtered.


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  11. Ok at least keep it neet. It’s looking like a dump.

  12. Just remember ware some of this dirt is coming from. Old old car shops. Yes. From 1940’s to th e 90’s . I hope the town is been carefull . Just a thought.

  13. Who’s in charge of supervising this work? Will any heads role?

  14. I seen big water holes at the site today. It smells like a Swamp

  15. Went for a ride today many homes on the market. One online I see 235 houses for sale in the Village of Ridgewood , wowVillage resident 40 years, Time to sell my house get out .

  16. I was told “That the dirt being moved has been certified as clean. The parcels that were not clean are not being used.” I asked then, and several more times, and that is the only answer I get. The soil is being dumped anywhere BUT near Rt. 17. It’s going to cost the village a fortune–and massive destruction of the underlying soil, to move it to where it should have been dumped. And, if it gets any closer to the house and the antique tree it’s going to kill the tree and push the house on its side. The deer are the only ones having fun with this as they play “king of the Mountain” on the hills!

  17. What are you talking about. That dirt is coming from construction sites in Ridgewood. The villager Ridgewood is not responsible for paying for dirt from construction sites, Broad Street, just not Street, Franklin Avenue, Village of Ridgewood should’ve put up a concrete barrier wall along side the partial of the land. The berm is going to need maintenance it will settle overtime what about we control and so one. And if they want to build a berm they’re going to need a lot more dirt than that.

  18. What about the bald eagles ? James? Save the Schedler eagles that appear on no state registry!!!!

  19. The Bald Eagles and Rare Hawks, both protected under Federal and State law, are identified on government records and “WERE” foraging there. The Village did nothing to protect or preserve them, other protected vegetation, wildlife and American History of THE PARCEL (Susan Knudsen don’t deflect and mislead by starting up with “we preserved the house.”). They also violated the Federal Migratory Act by removing trees and disrupting habitats during crucial breeding season. They Village was aware of this crucial information, received State preservation reports, and intentionally proceeded with complete disregard of the law and life. The Village should be reported.

  20. Hey Ridgewood Tax Payer, “The only trees removed were those in the area of the planned berm and only those necessary to make space for the clean soil.” ODD… tonight’s VC meeting agenda lists (7). Award Contract – Selective Clearing for Berm Construction at Schedler Property. Now we have to pay to clear what exactly?

  21. Do you think that the Village Council will ever show proof of only clean dirt, rocks, junk being dumped at that site? The new apartments are over old car body shops, repair shops, and a gasoline station. This includes the ENTIRE area being used for it’s filthy, contaminated dirt. They have already shown that they don’t care enough about children to put a crushed coconut field in at the high school instead of the cheaper–and much more dangerous/contaminated as many studies show–crushed tire.
    They don’t care what the future Schedler field and walking area is composed of just as long as it is cheap! Unfortunately, since they are allowing it to be dumped–along with giant rocks and visible litter–anywhere BUT the berm–it’s going to cost as much and much more environmental damage as they scrape it from where it has been dumped. The providers of “the free soil” will no longer be responsible for placing it and Ridgewood will pay through the nose to put it in the correct location. Apparently no one has been delegated to oversee this whole mess and prevent dumping in places where it will all have to be moved and allowing large rocks to be dumped which will have to be moved into the berm or removed–all at Ridgewood’s cost and total destruction of the ground or possible relics below. They are determined to save the house which is probably no longer saveable as the porch and roof have already torn away from the house and that is all you can see from the street so there could be similar damage in other areas. It has been left alone so that the carpenter ants which are very prevalent on this side of town may have made the inside as bad as the out.

  22. So very true that House is following through into the ground.Do you really think they want to dump $1 million into that piece of shit. This is one scam. The mayor and council should be ashamed of themselves, not very smart at all. They need to get informed from the right people too many people are bullshitting them up top. We hear that some one is conducting an investigation and some of you are not going to like it. They are going after many individuals who have lied cheated scammed this great village of Ridgewood. They know who you are and where you are . Some of you retired but they know I would be worrying about if I were you.

  23. Schedler sounds lovely. Now it’s contaminated with un-remediated soil so now our kids can’t use it either… and what about the eagles?

  24. $100K to clean up Schedler last year? I could have done it for $25K. Where were the open bids?

  25. Apparently, no one is interested in doing business with the town of Ridgewood. Downes tree service was the sole bidder, yet again, to be awarded the now contract. Downes Tree makes mid-high six figures on Village bids alone. I guess it’s pennies to other contractors.BS!!!

  26. According to last night’s Village Council meeting, soil came from multiple sites and wasn’t entirely free. As per Village Slimgineer, there was a cost associated even though Village staff and developers (who saved a fortune on disposing said soil legally) did all the work.

  27. Clearing of the site is now up to 140k. which doesn’t include the cost to build the berm 143k+. $283k and counting for just the berm. Heather Mailander, Village Manager, said the clearing will definitely be a “different look for the neighbors.” Can’t say she didn’t warn you guys.

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