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Top 7 Worst Places for a First Date

Planning a first date can be a real problem. We want to find a neutral environment and make an impression. In addition, the place for a date shouldn’t cause discomfort. So, here is a short list of obviously losing options.

  1.     Cinema, theater, concert, and disco

It is the most losing option that many men choose. Let’s figure out why. In general, the goal of a first date is to learn as much as possible about each other. You need to talk about yourself, exchange views on life, find common topics. Emotional and energetic exchange is also very important. You must be on the same wavelength, looking in one direction. You should be interested in each other.

  1.     Meeting with relatives

Another bad idea is meeting with relatives. Think about how a girl may get tired of the intrusive questions of your curious aunt. Don’t force your loved one to be the center of attention. Surely, your relatives will not be able to hide their evaluating views. The first date is just for the two of you.

  1.     Walking in noisy parks and squares in your city

Of course, you can find many advantages by choosing such places. This includes fresh air in the park and various attractions in the amusement park. But there is also a big disadvantage. It is very crowded in such places and one of you may meet friends. They can interfere with your communication. All sorts of inquiries like who this is and whether you know each other for a long time begin. A girl may meet her ex-boyfriend and then the evening will be 100% ruined.

  1.     Fitness room or dance class

Some people are so passionate about sports or dancing that they can’t live a day without going to the gym or dance class. Think about the fact that you will have to get to know each other better smelling the acrid scent of sweat. Even your half-naked perfect torso will not fix the situation. Believe us, dating a Ukrainian woman or any other one, she will definitely appreciate your physical form, even if you are wearing clothes.

  1.     Museum

This is another first date idea that’s only good in theory. Half-empty corridors, whispering people about the peculiarities of a painting of the 19th century… On the first date, it all seems a little pretentious. Even if you are a big fan of arts, leave this idea at least until the third meeting.

  1.     Wind tunnel

For you, this is an original way to get to know each other, but for her, it is thoughts like “how will I look there.” Remember that this is the first time you see a woman. Of course, she wants to show her best side to you, and, first of all, this concerns her appearance. During such entertainment, she will not particularly demonstrate her grace.

  1.     Skates or rollers

It seems really romantic… You, holding hands, laughing loudly, and fooling around like children, ride in full view of the affectionate passers-by. But what if she doesn’t know how to skate? So, a date can be a torment for her. It is doubly bad if you didn’t warn the girl about your plans in advance, and she is on heels, in a miniskirt, and with a deep neckline. How long do you think your date will last?


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