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Tree Issues Continue to Plague the Village

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, readers are reporting a dangerous situation developing in Van Neste Memorial Park in the central business district in Ridgewood . A tree is in a serious need of attention and creating a dangerous condition by snapping at base where it is rotten.

8 thoughts on “Tree Issues Continue to Plague the Village

  1. Hard to tell what’s going on with that tree…

  2. Looks like an animal was scraping at it, does that hole go deep.

  3. Need a close up pic…could have been a tryst between Paulie and Gwen that got too physical…

  4. Yup, keep complaining about any tree with a scratch or some other non eye pleasing defect and then cut it. The sky is falling, the sky is falling. Every tree that we eliminate brings us closer to the Garfield, Saddle Brook like towns. Think many, many times before bringing out that saw.

    1. after it crushes your car and knocks out your power then you can talk big

  5. Or knocks down the Monument. That would make the Left most happy!

  6. Yet another Village Council and Parks & Shade Tree preservation fail…

    Email Deputy Mayor Mike Sedon ( who is Council Representative to the Shade Tree Commission and ask him to follow up on this.

    Email Heather Mailander (the Council’s hand picked Village Manager:, Nancy Bigos (Director of Parks and Recreation: and Steve McCabe (Tree Supervisor: and ask them to do their jobs.

  7. Don’t complain too much about a Village tree you think might be dead/dying and poses a danger to pedestrians….you might just end up getting a summons to replace your sidewalks from the Village Engineer if you step too far out of line. True story

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