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Will Electric Cars Save The Planet , Maybe Not ?

the staff of the Ridgewood

Ridgewood NJ, Ross Clark, a columnist for Britain’s Daily Telegraph, has done some interesting math on whether battery cars save energy.

He notes that the Union of Concerned Scientists in 2015 estimated the making of a mid-range electric car with sufficient battery power to carry it 265 miles on a good day will require 68 per cent more emissions than the manufacture of a petrol equivalent. As a result – taking the mix of electricity generation in the US – you would have to drive 19,000 miles before you could begin to say you had saved a single puff of carbon emissions. In addition, the pollution and emissions produced by mining rare earths that are necessary to produce electric cars aren’t taken into account when estimating their environmental impact. And what are we going to do with all those batteries when they expire?

5 thoughts on “Will Electric Cars Save The Planet , Maybe Not ?

  1. I got an electric car on a lease as proof of concept.

    I like it, but I still realize that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

  2. People better be careful on the Biden rule of law he would love 80% electric cars. And then he can raise the electric rates

  3. Electric cars are a scam.
    They are not in any way better than internal combustion cars.

    They may still be forced upon us.
    There are a lot of powerful fools out there.

    I’m also still making lots of money on Tesla.
    There are plenty of fools out there.

  4. I will not buy an electric car. I’m buying gas

  5. Lets call it what it is.
    Unless its got a big enough battery (nope) and a solar panel on the roof (nope) its
    Chinese coal burning factories building the batteries.
    Mining minerals to make the batteries.
    The majority of Electricity generation comes from coal, natural gas and nuclear energy.
    Its a ‘feel good im green” phony bullshit

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