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Amazon delivery driver attacked by dog in Glen Rock

Amazon delivery driver attacked by dog in Glen Rock

photos courtesy of Boyd Lovings Facebook page

August 23,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Glen Rock NJ, Glen Rock PD and EMS responded to a report of an Amazon delivery driver who was attacked and bitten by a large dog at 392 Grove Street, Glen Rock on Monday morning, 08/22. Glen Rock PD officers were observed administering first aid to the driver as he sat in his delivery van. A Glen Rock EMS ambulance transported the victim, who reportedly sustained a serious hand injury, to The Valley Hospital for treatment.

22 thoughts on “Amazon delivery driver attacked by dog in Glen Rock

  1. What happens in a situation like this? Does the dog get euthanized? I know that house. There is a sign that says CAUTION – DOG WILL BITE. Does this sign absolve the owners of responsibility? Who in their right mind keeps a dog who is known to bite. I feel so sorry for that delivery man. he must have been terrified. I hope that Amazon, and the dog owner, take good care of him.

  2. BAN ALL DOGS!!!
    If we could save the life of JUST ONE Amazon delivery person, then it will be worth it.

  3. I believe the driver is actually employed by Breakaway Courier Service, which is owned by a Ridgewood resident.

  4. Delivery people should be armed. The only thing that can stop a bad dog is a good gun

  5. In the photo, Why is the dog loose on the property front yard? or is it on leash, tethered, or invisible fence (un-trusty)? Can’t leave dog loose (not fenced) by simply having a dog bites warning sign. In a bite situation, reports to State will need be determined if its harboring a dangerous dog and certain criteria are to be made.

  6. Dog should be put down before it ends up doing something worse, like killing a child or something.

  7. Poor driver, hope he has no permanent damage.I wonder if this is the same person who used to walk a white shepherd down S. Highwood without a leash. I always thought it was terrible and there are leash laws. I love dogs but it is wrong to leave any dog unattended outside unless there is a secure fence. Invisible fences are not reliable. If you know your dog might bite or is protective around strangers then it is your responsibility to contain it safely. With so many nice dogs sitting in shelters, why anyone would want to keep a dog known to bite is beyond me.

  8. is a sign that says CAUTION – DOG WILL BITE.
    Looks like the drivers functional illiteracy came back to bite him!

  9. What idiot orders from Amazon knowing that he/she has a dangerous dog who will bite the delivery guy?

  10. I have an observation that people around here are taking out their anger and aggression with their pet dogs.

    I have been accosted by dogs on their leash on side walk!! when taking walks. The dogs will attempt to run up to me and jump on me. The owners are sloooow to pull dog away, physically or verbally.

    Just last Sunday a man let his huge dog jump on me on Meadowbrook. I think this should be against the law and justifiable reason to call the police. I have never walked with cell phone before, as I only walk a few blocks, near my house, but for now on I will never leave house without my cell phone.

    Please don’t say I don’t like dogs; I love love love dogs; I regularly dog sit a family dog from out of state, when it comes to Ridgewood, very well behaved dog; and I grew up with a dog.

    Dog owners around here ARE NOT training their dogs not jump on people. And it is sooooo easy to do. They are not training dogs because they HATE PEOPLE and its aggression. They say, hey, it’s not me; it’s my dog. But it is you, because it is sooooo very easy to train a dog not to jump on a stranger, or run up to a stranger. And you guys aren’t you the smartest as well as the richest. You know better than me. Any dog that touches me or comes within one inch of me is going to get that police call, dog owner.

  11. CAUTION -My LAWYER will bite as well. And guess what? It’s really going to hurt!

  12. @5:34 pm – That is the most sarcastic insensitive remark ever. Not funny. What was the circumstance that took place – didn’t the owner of the property order an item to be delivered to their house? expecting delivery of item, Why is the dog allowed to be free, as seen in photo on front lawn, why was it not secured in fenced yard or house.

  13. I am a dog owner and 945 is spot on. If the dog is an asshat, it is a,reflection of its owner. The people who buy a dog and treat it as a geranium, instead of properly training and giving the animal attention are at fault. I cannot tell you how m any times when walking my calm well behaved dog we have been accosted by vicious dogs with brain dead owners.. Also the electronic fences take a normal dog and turn it into a vicious Growling animal protecting its,territory.

  14. What kind of dummy says If the dog is an asshat, geesh, grow up.

  15. @10:24 – if you think that @5:34 made “the most sarcastic insensitive remark ever” you live a charmed and sheltered life.
    Bravo! Enjoy life in the cocoon!

  16. Yes and now he will loose a job anyway…..

  17. and now he will lose a job anyway. amazon is releasing people who is claiming for they customers

  18. Hey anonymous, you seem to talk a lot of crap. If you shot my dog, don’t plan on leaving the hospital anytime soon, as you would be there for a long time jerk off.

  19. I worked for the same company and have delivered many times to this house. The first time I went was a learning experience, and I got lucky the dog came attacking to my van before I stepped out. I literally had to drop the package outside from the window. It’s hard to see the sign because you have to pull into the driveway or else you will slow traffic. The delivery scanners are now updated with a huge warning before you can even scan the package. It’s the craziest house you can deliver to.

  20. wonder if he shot the dog like that crazed cop?

  21. That dog is scary and all that stands between him (her?) and the world is an electronic fence. Hate going near there.

  22. I look at it like this, who or we as delivery drivers have to protect their/our selves regardless the situation. If you know you have a vicious animal, why in the world would you want to order online and put someone else’s life in danger? After all at the end of the day, they’re doing their job ,we all do our jobs, but if you know that you ate putting someone else’s life in harm’s way ,..why would you?

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