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4 Techniques That Can Help You Easily Cheat In A Poker Game

There are so many reasons why cheating in poker is a bad idea. Besides the ethical reasons, cheating can also result in serious legal issues, especially when you are caught committing serious offenses in big casinos. Cases of individuals getting hefty fines and others ending up in jail aren’t that rare. Unfortunately, even with all the repercussions, there’s still a good number of people rigging the system and their opponents.

The following are some of the common methods of cheating in poker. And before you think of putting them in action, always remember that the risks are high and typically outweigh the benefits, especially if you are in a tournament or serious competitive game. 

1.Collude With A Friend

This trick is as straightforward as it sounds, but its implementation needs to be subtle lest you and your friend get disqualified or banned from the property. 

Colluding with friends in poker is also known as soft play. The two of you will need to develop discreet communication techniques before coming to the table. Once on the table, you can use your signals to exchange critical information and get that upper hand over your competitors.

Perfecting this method is a skill by itself, and it requires a lot of practice. It may also not be very profitable since you’ll have to share the winnings with your friend.

2.Create A Bot To Play For You

Bots are simply computer programs that can be deployed to play poker on your behalf. These programs analyze various details to make the best decisions at every point. In some cases, the bots help with analysis while you make the actual plays. 

The strategy can be very profitable today thanks to the increasing number of online poker websites. However, most of these websites have increased their regulations and security to curb cheating. Any players caught also face profound legal implications and are always forced to pay back all their winnings. 

3.Use Marked Cards

Card marking is another rampant issue in casinos. 

Cards can be marked in various ways to identify them from the back. You could shade some parts, tint, cut-out, etc. But whatever method you use, make sure it’s not too obvious to be noticed by anyone else on the table.

Once you mark the cards, all you have to do now is observe where it lands and use that information to develop a winning strategy or avoid losing money. 

If that feels like too much work, consider buying pre-marked cards. You could purchase bicycle marked cards with symbols on the back telling you the specific cards your opponents are holding. Marked cards use different inks. Some inks can only be seen using infrared contact lenses, while others require a mobile phone or an infrared camera lens. 

4.Switch Cards

This is one of the oldest and perhaps the most dangerous cheating methods in poker. If you get caught switching your cards, chances are your face will receive several punches from the frustrated player who’s been losing money all night before the security guards can rescue you.

The switching of cards can also lead to a permanent ban from the casino.

In summary, there are several ways to cheat in a poker game, but the biggest question to ask yourself is whether it’s worth it. The simple answer is no; it’s not. But on the brighter side, spotting cheaters on the table should be much easier for you now that you know how it’s done.

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