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7 Things You Should Never Leave Your House Without

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We don’t like being caught off guard, therefore we carry more than we usually need. We’ve whittled down our list of stuff we don’t leave home sans over the decades. These are the items we’ve discovered we actually require when we’re out. We live a fast-paced existence that is frequently filled with unforeseen events and experiences.

We go to our daily jobs on weekdays, which is a very regular thing for us, but life is full of twists and turns. This is why we strive to stock up on everything we might require. We maintain almost all of these items in the same place every time so that we know what to take and where everything is so that we don’t forget anything crucial. Here is a list of all the things that we ensure we have before leaving my house for something, whether it’s just gonna work or going on a holiday excursion.

1. A Purse/Bag

A medium-carriable purse is something you should always have with you when you leave the house. This is the main item you should make sure you bring with you because it contains the majority of the items on this list. Everything on this list will almost certainly end up in your purse. If you dislike traditional purses, you carry a little backpack purse. We’ve been warned that having a backpack purse isn’t a good idea because it doesn’t appear mature, but we enjoy how convenient it is.

You can add some essentials to the purse such as your classic eyelash extension, your smaller portable makeup brushes, and your tiny packs of perfumes and oils. It’s incredibly convenient to carry around with you wherever you go. We discovered that it worked for many folks.

2. Pair of Masks

This is COVID-related, but it’s something you shouldn’t leave home sans, so it’s on the checklist. For other considerations, you should carry and wear your mask, but you should never leave the house sans it. In case you or somebody you’re with doesn’t bring theirs, Always keep an extra box of disposable masks with you. Many things have changed in 2020, yet this is one you don’t think about anymore, but it’s on this listing for a purpose.

3. Hand Sanitizer

So, before COVID, we’d been carrying along with hand sanitizer for a variety of reasons. One reason is that you go on a lot of travels and adventures when your bathroom is in nature, most likely in a public toilet, and you’ll need a way to wipe your hands afterward. Another option is to go to a petrol station. When you have gas, the first thing you should do is seek hand sanitizer. During COVID, you must ensure that you are always well-stocked and carry some in your handbag at all times. It’s a handy item to have on hand, and it’s an excellent habit to develop when you don’t have access to water or soap.

4. Tissue and Napkins

This is in reference to what we discussed earlier about me going on expeditions where there are no restrooms. More and more public restrooms have been closed, particularly around COVID, so it’s nearly a requirement to have something with you. You take a lot of drives to the mountains or the desert because you have no other choice. Napkins are also useful since you are prone to spilling items. If you’re a woman with feminine “that time of the month” goods, you can use them to clean up spillage if necessary, but napkins are far more practical and cost less.

5. Makeup Wipes

Makeup wipes are useful for a variety of purposes. The biggest one is that you like to apply cosmetics but not for long periods of time. You don’t wear much makeup, but you despise wearing it for longer than necessary. It’s wonderful to be able to remove my makeup whenever you want. There have been several late-night activities that were not planned where it was just good to be able to remove my makeup. Makeup wipes are also handy when you need to make a quick fix. Except for mascara, you don’t bring any cosmetics with you. I don’t have a cosmetics bag because you only use three products, the most important of which is mascara.

6. Pair of Keys

This may sound self-evident, but even if you aren’t driving anyplace, you should ensure you don’t leave the room sans your keys. You won’t be driving for a long time, but you’ll still grab your keys. You should grab your keys not only to return to your place but also to protect yourself.

When you leave somewhere,  verbally say to yourself, “phone, keys, purse.” When you need your keys to drive somewhere, make a point of having them before you step out the door so you don’t have to go back inside to get them. Ensure they’re in the same place each time so you know wherever they are and that they’re with the other items you’ll need to take with you when you go.

7. Your Phone

There are a variety of reasons why you should never leave the house sans your phone. If you’re prone to get lost, bring a GPS with you. The most important factor is undoubtedly safety. If you can, inform them where you’re going only to let them know where you are.

The Bottom Line

So, there you go! A list of all the essentials that you should always have with you. They are incredibly simple and yet easy to forget on a busy schedule. Always keep them with you!


4 thoughts on “7 Things You Should Never Leave Your House Without

  1. If I may…years ago I worked for a towing company who advised customers to keep these items in the trunk of your car:

    A blanket, a rainproof jacket or rainproof parka, ten feet of coiled rope, four 30 minute emergency flares and a flashlight.

    I still keep these in my car trunk because you never know what the weather or time of day will be if you have an emergency on the road. Or how long until help reaches you.

  2. Good luck with this. Most people today are oblivious to the inner workings of their cars, never checking fluids, tires, oil, etc. I started driving in the 70s and we all had to develop a basic understanding of car mechanics. Modern cars are definitely way more reliable, but people typically never think of what they would do if the car broke down.

  3. I always carry toilet paper

  4. #8, condoms

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