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A wonderful group of Ridgewood High School students….

ridgewood walk out

March 14,2018
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Mayor Susan Knudsen meet with a group of students after school on Friday. The mayor called them an “extraordinary and thoughtful group of RHS students came to Village Hall (with a chaperone) to discuss the logistics of having a smaller March 24 “March for Our Lives” type event in Ridgewood. Village Manager Heather Mailander, Police Chief Luthcke and I met with the students to better understand the best venue to accommodate RHS students who wanted to hold a more local event within our the Village community. Additionally, the students wanted to remain focused on preventing school violence without being political. ”

While they had an idea to hold an event at either a Village park or BFMS, money remained an obstacle. Significant funds are required to pay for insurance, police costs, permits, etc. Working diligently to get organized they quickly setup a GoFundMe page. My understanding is if they don’t raise the needed funds by the deadline for a 3/24 event they’ll simply regroup and reschedule. I hope they do. If not, perhaps they’ll donate to a good cause or use for future programming. Either way, they will have my full support.

The mayor said, “These young people deserve our thanks and encouragement; they were poised, respectful, polite, caring and honest! Please consider helping by donating now and sharing my post forward!”

Nice to see the kids are looking out for the taxpayers ,but are we the only one who finds this who thing very disingenuous? Or are helicopter parent funded protests the norm now? There is simple no such thing as a “Government Sanctioned Protests ” . lets see its sanctioned by the schools, , the mayor , the teachers union , and the Democrat party . Does not sound like much of a protest to me .

Real protests are not clean and neat and get out of control very fast , is there no concern the some parents may be unwittingly putting their children in danger ? This is not a protest this is promoting an agenda .

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