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Aronsohn : Ridgewood Clearview Cinema

Aronsohn : Ridgewood Clearview Cinema

Clearview Cinema Warner Quad in Ridgewood selling out to Aronsohn!!

Against their own company directed guidelines of inappropriate advertising, Clearview is allowing Councilman Aronsohn, the Liaison to the Chamber, to advertise a political spot on their marquee.

When contacted Clearview Corporate said they would contact local theater about the violation.

It should also be noted that Village Code 190:122 is also in violation. Wonder if the sign police will be going after a sitting council member or just brushing it under the rug.

You would have thought Councilman Aronsohn would have checked with officials before doing something so stupid.

I want answers!!!!

Update : According to sources , ” I was told that the local manager made a mistake and the sign would be coming down; Paul will receive a full refund. The sign violates Clearview Cinemas’ policy against political signs. Honest mistake by the local manager.”



13 thoughts on “Aronsohn : Ridgewood Clearview Cinema

  1. Unfortunately, a Clearview Cinemas corporate policy not known to the local theater manager. He knows not to do it again.

    However, this incident prompts me to ask whether the renting of marquee space for any purpose is an ordinance violation. Shouldn’t the marquee be used only in connection with the business of the theater itself?

  2. Wow this blog is obsessed with Aronshon

  3. What about the Forenza signs at Valley?

  4. Kinda takes grandstanding to a new level.

    And still no statement on whether only he, or his entire family, or none of them are being covered by benefits at taxpayer expense.

    Nor whether if re-elected he would continue to take any he now gets from VC service…. while no one else running could get them. Keith’s come from his police service. If he does not get any, why not say so — or if so, why not simply say so too. Don’t taxpayers have a right to know how their money is being spent?

    But plenty money to rent a marquee I guess….

  5. Who paid for the marquee message?

    1. It is not in violation of village code.

      He was just smart and purchased a prime billboard. Nothing inappropriate about that.

  6. I just looked up that Village code. It says that Campaign signs need to be free standing or attached to a building wall. A marquee does not count. He’s also in violation because he has paper hand outs taped to the front of Clearview Warner Quad. So much for him being the Chamber Liaison or a Member of the Council if he didn’t know the Village Code before he did this.

  7. People stop your whining already!

  8. Typical Liberal #8 – once you’re found out -it’s whining.

  9. #9 who said anything about liberal?

  10. Tom Hillman president pf the chamber has a Paul A. sign in his vacant store next to his.

    1. Again, illegal sign. Now the Chamber President is involved. I want answers!!!!!

  11. #8/#10 – pro Aronsohn = Liberal.

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